trimaran building

Hi, I am building an Farrier 22 trimaran and plan to motor out to sea via the Tom Bigbee waterway; i live in Iowa. Or up the Illinois river if they still have the locks open (due to enviromental issues they may close entry into Lake Michigan). I should be finished building next spring for sure.

I grew up in the Carolinas and am a surfer. I have built a few wooden boats but nothing this scale or with these foam and fiberglas materials before. i love it.!! I’ve surfed on both coasts and Hawaii. I looked at the multihulls in Hawaii and really got interested.

I am interested in designing my own trimarans; and even a semi submersible sailing craft. Also i am looking at getting away from the single mast design of most trimarans.

I’m an artist, graphic designer, 3d designer, photographer, videographer and naturalist. I have a math background and sculpture techniques. Been there done that!

Welcome to the forum. While we are radio controlled sailing, there is a lot of commentary of design and construction for the “little” ones that might lend itself to a build of a bigger life size one.

In any event, those of us who have or had big multihull boats and now enjoy the little ones will find your information and build articles of interest. Perhaps a 48 inch long replica of your big boat will find it’s way into radio control land in the future.