Travelling Footys

Strictly to pull the leg of my dear friend Bill Korsgard, I remember him saying about 18 months ago - perhaps a little more - that he did not thk it ever possible that anyone would be prepared to ttavel further than one side of Minneapolis to the other to race Footys.

Looking at the entry list for the Euro GP in Liverpool in July, we have entries from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy and South Africa and someone from Portugal making up his mind. Aren’t we doing well!

Cheers Bill. For once I’m glad you were wrong! :zbeer:

I truly want to congratulate you Brits for sponsoring an event which is drawing competitors from such distant realms. I’m looking forward to seeing the results & hopefully a video or
two. I even flirted (briefly I must admit) with making the trip to Liverpool.

But I must say that I don’t recall thinking, much less saying such a thing. Are you sure it was indeed me? After all, I have personally travelled twice to such distant places as Sheboygan, Wisconsin (a 3 hour drive). In any case, I’m happy to have my leg pulled by a friend, even if it happens that it was he who was wrong…:wink: :wink: ;-).

Hi Angus… how’s this!
Upper Michigan (6 hours), northern and mid Wisconsin (5 and 3 hours), Minnesotta (6 hours), Ohio (7 hours?), Florida (fly and drive) and New Hampshire (fly and drive). Only 4 of the 13 entries at Sheboygan didn’t make a major journey… now that’s dedication to the cause too.

Three cheers for the American travelling footy’er too… including Paul and me :lol: … the Brits.

Actually, Bill, I think it must have been Dick Lemke. I can’t find the posting by you and I’m sure the distance involved was one side of Greater Minnepolis to the other. Of course, for a poor ignorant Brit, Madison and Minneapolis are easily confused, just like the United States of Brasil, Mexico and America - or for that matter Florida and the Good Friday Islands!:graduate:

Spent as much time today building and fitting a Footy and Tramsmitter into a wooden travel box as it takes to build a new Footy–us Canadians are CRAZY but Charlie Mann will be there to represent the FARRRR NORTH! SEE YA EH! Off to race US1 MTRS in Buffalo at 5AM tomarrow—What a GREAT HOBBY! Cheers Bill.

Angus his statement can still be accurate and you can have people from all over the world show for your race, how…

well they still might not travel across one side of Minneapolis to the other to race Footys BUT the rest of us will:D

When I finish mine I will need to make sure it is sailing well then challenge Manny to a race, I will need to drive 50 miles to get to Hansen Dam for the race:rolleyes:

but then most people in Los Angeles commute to their jobs about that far:eek:

Dos Tacos,
Manny here I drive about the same distance every Thursday to get to Hansen Dam.

yeah Manny but we DON’T drive across Minneapolis :p:zbeer:

next week Manny, maybe with two footys we can mess with the big boys:D

Dan Oh and my son got a job so he will be at a Y camp all summer so it will be a footy or a fast mover I am looking to trade for, things I can carry from the car