Traplet Boat Plans - purchase

Just received an email and thought I’d post the links to sailboat building plans offered by Traplet Publications - here in US and also worldwide. They are fairly long links.

RACING SAILBOAT PLANS:;jsessionid=1547da57b4cb6b1/shopdata/0090_Construction+Plans/0030_Marine+Plans+=28Prices+include+20=25+discount+until+31=26amp=3Bslash=3B01=26amp=3Bslash=3B08=29/0110_Racing+Sailboat+Designs/product_overview.shopscript

SCALE SAILBOAT PLANS:;jsessionid=1547da57b4cb6b1/shopdata/0090_Construction+Plans/0030_Marine+Plans+=28Prices+include+20=25+discount+until+31=26amp=3Bslash=3B01=26amp=3Bslash=3B08=29/0120_Scale+Sailboat+Designs/product_overview.shopscript

And yes - they are for sale - not free. But compare the cost of the plans to the value of a completed boat before you get “grumpy”. :rolleyes:

Yesterday I ordered a set of plans from traplet for the jif65.
Shipping was a little steep since it cost more to ship then the plans but easier than finding someone with a plotter. But what I ordered was a book of boat plans one of which was the jif65.

You could have downloaded the plans for free at:
together with about 20 other RG65 designs.
For all you want to know about the class:

If you had purchased the January 08 issue you would have got a copy of Charles Detriche’s new chine boat Tinker, bound in to the magazine. It was only the lines plans with no construction details, in the manner model yacht plans used to be presented, but it was pretty cheap!