Transporting the Nirvana II

What’s the most efficient way to break down a Nirvana II for transport?

I have a small sports car with no back seat. Should I completely remove the mast and keel? Or is there an in-between solution that will minimize the set-up time?

I usually just carry it between my playpen (office) to the water in one piece.

I did carry it in my little car this weekend. I just take off the mast as the hull is easy to handle with the keel in place. I didn’t take the sales off the mast or separate the two mast sections. I laid it in the back seat of my Barett. (It’s a Baretta, but the last a is broken off:p )

To put it in the back of my girlfriend’s Sentra, I remove the keel & rudder, de-tension the shrouds and it bareley fits in the back floorboard with the mast crane touching the back window. In my Cherokee, I can just lay it on a blanket in the cargo area. It’s really not too much work to de-mast it, but you gotta find a good flat place to lay the sails as they ain’t gonna roll up.

I drive a Cavilere with a flip down rear seat. Just fits with everything in place with enough room for a footy or two as well.