Topsail Help?

I’m just about done with my Presto kit, have registered it (thanks, Bill!) and am very excited to get it on the water.

I was wondering if anyone might have some photos to share of the topsail for the Presto that Flavio mentions but aren’t documented anywhere. I could just have a go at it, but thought that following some experience might not be a bad thing. I’ll admit that the boat just about appears overcanvassed like that unless the wind is supplied by my 4yo twins and their mouths, but it just looks like fun.


Digitize ‘Footy Presto Plans’ on Google a you will find a PDF file : How to Build the Footy Model Presto, and there, is discussed the Top Sail as optional for very low wind conditions

Thanks for the response. I actually own the print copy of that book, and the topsail is mentioned but not “dimensioned” :slight_smile:
I read up on the topic in John Leather’s Gaff Sail Handbook and came up with something. I’ll have to see how it works. Flavio mentioned making another spar but not clear on the where he would put it. I’ve rigged between the gaff and the top of the main. I’ll post a picture once I get it on the water.