Tools / materials required to build a V-12?

Hi gang,

I did a search but came up dry. I’ve got a Victor Models V-12 coming and wonder what’s required to finish it in the way of tools and materials.



No one knows?

Martin, it only seems that way.

Your question was floated over the night here in europe, and only the insomniacs were likely to respond.

I’m not familiar with the V-12, but a look at the kit (vac-moulded hull, ply deck, pre-made bulb etc) suggests at least the following: (we don’t know what you start with)

Modelling knife/knives (I use a snap-off blade and a scalpel with no11a blades)
Sanding blocks various
needle files are useful, but maybe not essential
Hand drill and drill bits (I use a small archimedean drill and have a box of bits from 0.1mm to about 3mm)

Glues - at least PVA (white glue) and Epoxy (1 hour or slower)
Varnish, paint - don’t know where you are in the world, so can’t really suggest types or names

Time, peace and a good light

friends and support people round the world who will help and advise

tell us more, and we can offer more help



As one of the European insomniacs, I aplogise for not replying earlier. I have (but have not finally rigged) a V12. Andrew’s list of tools seems about right - except that you do not need the VERY small (i.e. sub-1mm) drills.It should go together quite easily: my problem is pure inertis!



You have been underwhelmed by replies!
I can only conclude ( as a footy maiden) that you didn’t mention any of the words:
[li]Ballast ratio
[/li][li]AAAAA Batteries

There doesn’t seem to be much written

give us a clue about your location and possibly a local footy freak can lend support - hope your footy has arrived:)

Andrew, thanks!

I’m located in Kamloops, BC, Canada, so that explains the time difference. As far as I know, I’m the only local that even knows radio control sailboating exists, so local help is out of the question. I’m far from new to building models but having come from an r/c airplane background, this is somewhat new to me. I have built a Fairwind, but that was years ago and thus I’ve forgotten half of what I had to do.

The rcgroups post you link is my friend who is also getting a V-12 kit. In fact, both have arrived and are sitting here next to me. I’ll be building both come about April after a move takes place. I do have most of the goodies you’re talking about but they are all packed away for now and will remain that way until the move.

With that in mind…

Will Angus’/Noomshadow’s measurement using AAAAA batteries to achieve the proper ballast ratio work out fine? :smiley:



Good to hear from you - I have checked the Hahoo US footy group to see if anyone will lend a hand to you - will pass on any response.

Did I just hear you offering to to reveal all with pictures as you build?

Most of the assembled mob are closet aeromodellers - the same language is spoken but the sailors call them “sails”
In French, of course its the same!

Well, since it’s a Victor boat, a quick scan of the Yahoo Soling One Meter group should turn up hints and tips. Latest chatter is about adhesives. I advocated 3M 5200, was corrected by someone in the know that 3200 doesn’t stick to styrene (a conclusion backed up by the 3M data sheet – which leaves the mystery of why my boat is still in one piece :-)). There are tips for using the solvent method (which I hate) and tips on other stickums.



Actually, it was Colin offering but yeah, I’ll post pics as I go. That way, all of you can laugh at my mistakes. Ha!


There’s a big Victoria group in Kelowna, maybe it’s time for a road trip.

Martin, I didn’t find (or relate) Colin’s post with its offer - I was just attempting to secure a build log:D

We won’t laugh at mistakes. Honest.
We have all made mistakes, I made one once!

Is Surrey, BC a place with a fringe on top? Persumably it and Kamloops are whiteish at the moment

Don, that’s not a bad idea! Do they sail year round?

Andrew, yup, I’ll do it. I’ll try not to get tooooooo long-winded, too. I don’t get the “fringe” reference but no, Surrey’s not white right now. Vancouver is on the coast so at the most it’s wet. Kamloops, however, is indeed white.

I’m partially tempted to set up my work bench and get to it soon. We’ll see.


Martin, and others,

Please take this as a perpetual apology - to me all words, thoughts etc conjure up all similar words, associations, colours, shapes and flavours - and sometimes I allow them out to play.

“Surrey with the fringe on the top” is a music hall song from Oklahoma

not to be confused with the “furry with the syringe on the top” which is something else entirely

please bear with me, I’m (mostly) harmless


I buit a V-12 back in Oct 2007 and did a post on 11/4/2007 that you may want to look for as it has some suggestions on possible mods that will improve how the boat sails. It is in the “Vistor Footy” thread(typo is the way it is).

Andrewh was in the right park on his list of tools except for the glue. Also you should have some light clamps such as spring loaded clothes pins available. I used a thin CA and a gap filling CA for almost the entire project. It worked just fine. The only gluing issue was the lead ballast to the keel. I had to do it a second time with gap filling CA. Epoxy might be a good alternate choice here. I used polyurethane to finish the wood deck and the keel. A couple of coats with a light sanding between will waterproof them nicely and bring out the grain of the wood on the deck.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Dick Proseus
Wilson, NC USA

Thanks, Dick! The thin CA held up to the rigors and hull stress of sailing? I considered CA but would have thought black rubberized CA would be a better bet. I’ll go look up your build right now…

By the way, how does it sail straight out of the box? I know - go read the thread, right? :smiley:


I don’t know, I just know they exist. Here’s a link.