to the adminstrators of this site.

my web site (although not finished) is up and running.
i would like to advertise an unvailing of what i’ve been up to.
what do you suggest i do?

thak you,


Nigel. Contact Charles Hall who runs the Official Website (there’s a link to get to him on the front page) and ask him to put you among the other commercial supliers on the Links page.

Best of luck

thanks angus.

Nigel, I am keen to see what you have been up to, hope the link is up soon!!! :cool:

its up. very cool nigel!

OK, I’m dumb! Where is it?? :confused:

i’m just as dumb. 420, where is the links section?

I believe you are referring to the Footy website? Can you give a link?

yahoo footy groups, i meant. its under heron composites… [in te links section]

When Charles gets round to it, it should be on the Official Footy Website under links!