To my American Friends

THis is the only time of the year you can buy pumpkins here - we don’t eat them, just use them for Hallowe’en marks. Having had pumpkin pie in the US once (surprised me, always assumed it was savoury, not sweet), can someone give me a really good reciple like mom cooks/cooked it. Must use frech pumpkin - no chance of buying canned (not much use for masks!).


It’s actually the spices that make the pie. My Grandmother used to make it from turnips and Dad said it tasted fine. Of course that was during the Thirties and anything that was food tasted good. My wife said this looks much like her recipe and it’s good. She used Jack-o-lantern pumkins.

Oh, this is Canadian Pumpkin Pie, will that do?

Edit: You can freeze the puree, so go around the neighbourhood and pick up old Jack-o-lanterns. You will also notice that the recipe says pumpkin or squash so park your car near an allotment garden and leave the windows open. When you come back it will be full of courgettes. At least it works in Canada.

What exactly is a “courgette”?
Signed Rod—also from Canada… Ontario, to be different

COURGETTE IS FRENCH FOR WHAT THE ITALIANS CALL ZUCCHINO. I think Americans use zucchini to mean the big (adult) ones that we call vegetable marrows and the French and Italians don’t eat.:graduate:

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you forgot to mention. that the pie is best served heated

I called it a courgette because thats what my British cousin called them. She had no idea what a zuchinni was. And my wife says they might not work in pumpkin pie, but she never was an experimentor.

Orange pumpkins for pie and eating (warmed with ice cream) - all others are for chunkin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

What we can get for a few days now looks like this:

a courgette (zucchini) looks like this (European style)

A vegetable marrow looks like this:

These are admittedly freakishly large ones grown for competitions - but they get pretty big in the supermarketv too.

Now what about my pumpkin pie?


That’s not a punkin chunker – these are punkin chunkers.

Battery A, First New Mexico Pumpkin Artillery. Motto: “Make 'em fly or make 'em pie”


has the dope. Any of the winter squashes will work fine; and as has been said, it’s the spices that count.



I gave you a recipe in my first post.

One note about picking the pumpkins. Smaller ones usually taste better than the big carving ones. If it’s more than a foot tall, it’s probably getting tough and fibrous. Like zucchini, small ones taste better.