Titusville Model Sailing Club's 4th Annual Soling 1M Hot Dog Regatta

Notice of Race

This is to announce Titusville Model Sailing Club #95

4th Annual Soling 1M Hot Dog Regatta
The event will be located at the Chain of lakes just north of Titusville. It is 3 miles north of
our old location at Sand Point Park. Directions can be found
here … http://sites.google.com/site/sandpointsail/directions-to-SPMSC
Date of Race is Saturday, July7th at 12:30pm.
Skippers meeting will begin at 12:15pm.
Entry fee is $15.00 and can be paid at the pond
Hot Dogs and beverages will be provided
Feel free to bring side dishes and desserts
Please register by email ASAP.
Format for the event will be as follows:
12 races with 2 throw outs. All boats must comply with class rules. This is a green chevron event
Phone: ____________________
Club affiliation (If any)_________________
Sail Number_________Channel(s) 1st_____2nd_____3rd_____.
Entries will be accepted VIA Email and onsite the day of the event
Regardless of entry method, you must complete this entry form - sign
it, date it, and present it during registration before skippers meeting.
Please email entries and pay at the pond.
Email: gwrench@cfl.rr.com
In consideration of accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my
heirs, executors, and administers, waive and release all rights to
claim damages that I may have or acquire against the sponsor club,
its members, sailing site owners, employees, agents, representatives
or assigns, and AMYA members from any claim for injury or other
damages to me, my family or yacht during this regatta’s event, to
include all related travel to and from the site of this regatta, and
any related event.
Signature of
On the behalf of our Commodore, Dave Griesse, Officers and
Directors, we thank you for your interest and entry in this unique
Soling 1M event.
George Reed Vice Commodore