Tippecanoe Sails

I just received a set of Tippecanoe Sails. They arrived in perfect condition. The sails themselves are very nice looking. Many thanks to Will for making this happen.


I agree.
I bought the original replacement sails/wrinkle cloth.
I then bought the new version for thirty dollars.
Wil is going to work with me to create a storm rig out of the original replacement sails.
The wrinkle cloth ordeal wasn’t his fault.
He has been easy to work with and makes good sails at a reasonable price.

BTW, took advantage of the free Easter weekend shipping via Kyosho.
Got a new ReadySet and parts for a second rig on my old SeaWind.

While the storm rig is not class legal, it’s a good idea to pursue.
RE: “There’s never too much wind to sail!” Is my big boat mantra. :slight_smile:
I will post updates later this spring.
Peace always,