Tiny Brass Pulleys

I used to have a link for a site that carried very tiny brass pulleys, used in RC airplanes. I lost the link and can’t find it in any google searches. Do any of you have any links to stuff like that? It doesn’t matter if it’s for boats, planes or what…


Is this the kind of pulley you are looking for or something much smaller?


Not sure what size you are looking for? “Tiny” doesn’t help too much.

Try here for some micro Harken stuff - great looking if for scale appearance on a boat, landyacht or iceboat.


Email him and tell him Dick sent you his way ---- if this is the size you want.

Possibly other source might have been AJ Fischer. Was out of Detroit/Royal Oak and I heard his son took it over. Then son retired in 2001 or so. They did a lot of business in brass stuff. I don’t know if anyone has taken over that business since then.

Looks like the smallest of the Harken are just about the same as what I saw in the brass ones… The brass were like $2-4, so the Harken are more, but they are much better built too…




It’s a pity that the brackets on many are steel – maybe someone could inquire if they’d do a run in 100% brass.



I’m curious as to what is the intended use of these small blocks. I’m going to guess that you want them to use on a sail-winch arm to route the sheets in a double purchase set-up. Unless your boat exceeds about 1 meter in length, blocks on the sail-winch arm aren’t really needed. Simple chamfered holes in the arm seem to suffice. If you need small blocks for some other purpose, Worth Marine <www.worthmarine.com> carries a Pekabe brand of block that has a simulated wood finish, very nice for semi-scale boats.

Happy Yachting - Kip

this maybe what your looking for
or this

That was the one…

I was thinking of using one when I was considering a larger scale, but for now I will just keep the link, as well as the others.

Thanks to all…