thunder tiger etnz 1m

hi guys,
i’ve bought my first rc sailboat
thunder tiger etnz
do you have any tips for the build proccess?
any insights much appreciated

welcome peter
keep us posted… I am thinking about getting that kit too…
i know a few poeple have made some mods to it… i would build it straight out of the kit… then make the mods… see what you like…

I would have a good look at this:



Don’t give up, it can be made into a good sailing boat.
The chainplates(shroud, etc.,attachment points) MUST be replaced with decent ones, they are horrible, cheap, weak plastic, and they break.
Move the mast forward by 20-25 mm to get rid of the weather helm, just put a mast step on the deck, braced underneath.
Some people have managed to get the sheeting system to work, good luck with that one! :slight_smile:

I was the victim of TT ETNZ, I wrote the first two threads islander51 posted above, if I can be of any help let me know.

Had few guys make the mods on their TT ETNZ’s that I had done and all are working out well.

Cheers K1

i have been looking at that kit… and you say you were a victim?
why? i know the monsoon is junk. well i should not say junk… just my opinion…
but what do you see wrong with that kit? I have seen it . and it looks easy to put together. and look realy nice…
what do you see is the problem?
you dont think this is a good kit?

Gidday Cougar,

You have read the above two threads ??? … and you want more !! don’t be blinded by the pretty decorations, I was :lol:

Assuming you have read the above threads, I can further confirm now having plans & building Claudio AC 120 ETNZ, that the TT ETNZ has been roughly scaled down from the real thing, however the positioning of CLR, CE & CG are all in the wrong place for RC yacht.

As a kit is just slightly higher on the junk list than a Monsoon (that is the crap at the bottom of the barrel)

If you do take the time to fix all the issues listed, you will have a very nice looking boat that sails reasonable well, however, the costs to get it there will be 3-4 times higher than what you paid for the orginal kit !?

My opinion for want is worth is: buy TT ETNZ, build it and then stick above the fire place and look at it at night and dream about sailing. Then go buy a Kyosho Seawind, build it and go have some real fun sailing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers K1

I second that man … i had one and quite relief that i sold it of and only concentrate in IOM :slight_smile:

Get a Seawind and airbrush it with ETNZ scheme :slight_smile: if not build from Claudio’s plan …

Welcome Audik,

I too have recently got the ETNZ. My first boat as well. My first choice was the Victoria, great support by members here. However the ETNZ was a gift so to speak, so I was not about to send it back. And I know this is not going to be my last boat. Its the first of many I am sure.

The links posted there are a great help. I have been studying them and going to take my time and do it right based on the info on this postings.

I am in the Toronto area and the difficulty is getting some of the modifications and are already proving to be an issue. I have a contact that Dick L has given me in Michigan. If he cannot get some things I need eg. the chain plates I may have to go overseas to get what I need. Anyway good luck with your ETNZ I am so looking forward to mine being in the water. I know there is a good boat in her, just getting it right will be the challenge. Who doesn’t like a challenge. I am just grateful to have such a good group of members that have already done the R & D that I can utilize in my modifications.

Thanks to all

One method for chainplates is:
Get some twin channel track from your local DIY(shaped like this E )
cut off the outside sections, getting this T
Cut, drill, and file to get what you want.

Thanks Islander, I have never been handy with modifications, finding alternative ways for the norm. However, thinking outside the box works well. I guess making the mistakes have always cost me more in the long run so I try to find the right way. That’s why it great coming here to post and ask questions. You all have already done it. Thanks!!!:zbeer: Good suggestion mate.

You can also go to your local window sales place(or garbage dump or aluminum recycler) and beg a section of old aluminum window frame. You can cut all sorts of fittings out of them.