Thoughts on communication

Hi skippers,

In my day job, I do some teaching, some of which relates to communication.

Research on the topic tells us that when people come to an understanding, that understanding is based 7% on the words they used. The other 93% is based on inflection and body language.

So we are trying to communicate on these forums using only 7% of our usual tools. Naturally, that means we are going to have some misunderstandings.

Given that, it seems important to me to choose my words with reasonable care. I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes and see how I would react to my own post.

On the other hand, none of us wants to tiptoe around or run our posts past the lawyers before submission. So it’s also important, IMHO, to cut each other a bit of slack, understanding how easily we can be misinterpreted.

Bill H

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amen to that bill! i think it is very important to realize that in general people have good intentions, and that when a misunderstanding comes up, all it takes is to back down slightly and say “don’t know that i follow!” [man, if only the rest of the world could run that way too!:rolleyes:]

i should add that i think we on the footy forum have done a pretty good job with this, and that recent events while they were a failing on all involved, did much to teach us about how important it is to retain a level head when conversing about things as highly inflammitory as “model boat sailing”…:lol:

Well said Bill. A little politeness goes a long way, and a little bit less deliberate stirring would help too.


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Who wants it…Im ready to move on…

Can’t I be sardonically anti-American without intrusive comments from somewhere down there?:slight_smile:

you can try, but as you see, it doesn’t go all that far!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sardonic - that’s one of those little fish you get in cans, right?