I know things are tough, and we all get fustrated. but i am not leaving. if doug is allowed to stay. my post will stay. i have helped others with building. and if new members show up they can read my post. and maybe get the help they need. We have alot of experts here form the amya. from britian, we have a good thing here. and i for one dont want to lose it. all because of one member. if doug is allowed to stay. i will resign as a mod. and just become a member. and i will get off the fence and i will stop being a ref. think about why we are here.
I am here becasue i like sailboats. IOM and us 1 meters. I have a passion for the americas cup.
so why are all you members here?
long live the cup and cris dickson[:-banghead]

I’m here because otherwise it takes me two hours each way to get to the nearest place where there is somebody else that shares my passion for R/C sailing. What else can I say?

long live the cup and cris dickson

I am here because I am trying to provide a source of R/C sailing products, and I want and need the input from sailors and builders to better provide not only what is needed… but the size shape and fashion. It is a chance… maybe a first because of the availability to reach so many members to find out what they want and need before the die is struck.

I don’t miss the controversey and heated exchanges. I think that they are a distraction. Everyone seems to agree that the PUB is the place for that, and I think that is fair for anyone to go there and say what they will. Just my .02 cents.


Very interesting.
Why am I here? hmmm cause it is raining out so cannot go sailing, and waiting for some fiberglass to dry so I can keep building the US1M. lol ok on the serious note I joined the forum to benifit myself in learning how to build and sail rc boats and to find other sailers near me.Much like John, I am in no where land for rc sailing drive time to 3 hours each way to nearest sailers. 9 hours to the nearest club.

Since coming to the site I have now started building boats. Cougar the wife says you are to blame for the wood shavings all over the basement floor. HAHAHAH I cannot wait to hear what she calls JayDee when the schooner building starts.[:O] Others here have helped with information and guidance thanks to all. Also I should say from been here I have since found where I can get some great parts and pieces for the boats.

I have made some great friends threw the forum, and I hope one day to met and sail with you all.


Let a newbie chime in here. [:-angel] I don’t know and really don’t care about the “flame wars” or whatever is going on here. Guess what…sooner or later it happens to every board…no exceptions. It never fails that some great people leave the board, due to their choosing to do that; but the rest of the board usually lives on.

I came here because I…like Mr. Clipper or is that Mr. Alberta? [:-bigeyes] Just funning with ya dude…[:D]…don’t hit me…[B)] …have no one within a hundred miles to play with and this is my only source for talking with others that sail radio controlled boats. I wish people could just live and let live…but “trolls” are a thing we have to deal with. I will continue to hang here until told to leave by the staff. I won’t let a troll run me off![:-banghead]

Now…who wants to come to BAMA for some play time?[:-pirate]

Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!


hmmmmm may have to polish the plank up for ya. HAHAHAHAH

Good point you make Hog (hmmm you own a hardley oops Harley?)[:-sick] HAHAHAH

Anyway I to may stick around as there isn’t many other places to go where the good guys are great as in this forum


I am here cause I love this place, mm, maybe not love as in a way i would love a person, but i like some of the people who use this forum, it is a good forum, even if a little quite at times.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.