thinning out epoxy

alright as the title states… who has tips on thinning epoxies, i’m using west systems with a 205 hardener. i’m getting to the finish coats which i want to go on thin and smooth… so, help me out here!

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You might consider using West System’s 207 “Special Coating Hardener” which is designed specifically for this application.

From what I’ve read on the subject, the best thing for thinning it is heat. But don’t heat the epoxy, heat what you’re applying it too. By doing this, the epoxy heats during application and it allowed to ‘run’ without shortening the curing time.

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A simple but effective way to thin epoxy for smooth final coats is to use denatured alcohol.
Mix the epoxy in the normal method, (before adding the alcohol) add the alcohol a few drops at a time and continue mixing.
Thin the epoxy until it is like water
You will get a nice gloss finish if you spread it with an old bank or credit card.

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would this also work in a mold? i have been using a horsehair brush. sometimes using a foam brush. never though of a plastic card.
as for thining. never did it. so i dont want to give you bad advice. good luck and i will be keeping an eye on this

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