Thermo-Forming Anyone ?

Just wondering if anyone has access to - or knows someone that can do thin plastic (styrene) thermo-forming? Need a frame that can handle a minimum length of 50 inches in length x 10 inches in width, with a maximum drawn down of about 3 inches. Prefer to find someone who can do (or is willing to do) very short run prototypes. Prefer U.S. location

Please PM me with information. Thanks.

You may want to look into
I see they offer a vacuum forming option, but the economics are always going to look better with more than a small prototype run. The set up time is expensive. Also, there’s a production facility in a small town near here that I could put you in contact with, if you’re interested. I met a fellow recently who designs forms for them, using stereo lithography. He holds a bunch of patents on various devices. I would think the process would be out of the range of the average hobbyist, not so much from the vacuum aspect, but the need to have an oven large enough to accomodate the size you’re talking about.