There's a DOG aboard!

And it’s a ROADdog! I live in Montross, Va., w/in sight of th’ Potomac R. I’m currently on th’ finishin’ stages of a 1/4 scale (Gasp!) plane and seriously considering a sailboat, since we have a pretty fair-size lake jus’ down th’ hill from us. So far, I’m jus’ collectin’ plans and drooling over ‘em. ‘Thinkin’ this winter might see me startin’ on one.

whats the quote… the bigger they are… the more fun to crash… j/k
What type of yacht are you looking to build… are you looking to go big?

road doggie

I live in reston… and we have a nice club Northern VA Model Yacht club… we sail on Lake Anne and have a few events at the Washington Sailing marina

we sail the footy (for now) Vic and Soling one meter. there are also several clubs in MD that sail Vic, Odom, EC 12, CR 914 and across the bay they sail skip jacks.

I have a vic, footy, soling and an ec 12 if you want to come buy to take a close up look at some of my boats gimmee a call 202 345 7679

If you are looking for a boat to build just for fun. I have a Colin Archer kit that you can have I have done some work on it, but not all, as we are looking to sell our house time to clean up stuff thats hanging around… plus I have a few footy hulls that you can have

here is a pic with my fleet…

There is also a club down in richmond i can get you hooked up with as well.

Wow - what a handsome guy ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any plans to sell the ODOM ?

thast my stunt double. I’m much prettier… ODOM now resides in Las Vegas Sold it 2 weeks ago.

Tired of messing around with a dead class…

Lookin’ t’ go BIG! I’m currently in th’ throes of messin’ w/PosterRazor to enlarge a set o’ Skipjack plans t’ give me a 4’ model.

That’s kind of you! Tnx! But I’m kinda set on this Skipjack idea. I’ll file your #, tho. I don’t get t’ travel much; m’ Sweetie has th’ wheels all week, and she’s fried by th’ time she gets home for th’ weekend. Also B/M’d th’ site.


the colin archer is just over 4’ with the bow sprit…double masted, pony motor to boot… should displace about 12-15 lbs when leaded up…and ready to sail…

An’ you REALLY want to give it away? An’ to a total stranger @ that?

tis better to give than receive :slight_smile:

besides its just collecting dust at this point. might as well get it in the hands of someone who wants it

it yours for the taking…

'Want some directions? I can’t get up there. You’re about 2.5 hrs from me. I’m roughly an hr. E of Fredericksburg.

2nd tho’t; if you don’t want t’ travel, I might be able t’ get my Sweetie to pick it up. (‘Tho’ I’d really rather meet you.)

Yeah I wouldn’t be much up for a 2+ hour drive each way right now… But the boat isn’t going anywhere…once you get settled and get some time…I’ll be here…

Hey, Marc!
I think it’ll be easier if we move this to e-mail. Sweetie’s thinkin’, since she works in Springfield, y’all could meet somewhere an’ let her bring it home when she comes. If that’d work for you, holler via an’ we can get her in on plannin’.

A fresh build!  I'm gettin' exCITEd!


I just wanted everyone here to know; friend Marc is a man of his word. We finally got together at th’ EC-12 Regatta @ Sandy Point Park and he gave me th’ Colin Archer kit… and a Dumas Lightning kit, AND a Footy he hadn’t any more use for. I’ll be all winter workin’ on all that!
Thanks, Marc!

you did me a favor by cleaning out some ofmy storage areas…:slight_smile:

now I expect to see build photos…


you still out there?