The ULTIMATE Indoor Sailing Pool!

Ok, we can have some fun with this idea…

Suppose you had a building, like a vacated Department store (like a K-Mart), and you wanted to turn it into an indoor sailing park. What would you do to it to give it realistic works? You’ll need a pool and a source for the wind, obviously. How big of a pool, and how much wind? Maybe a way to make waves, too. You’ll probably want a place to stand (Control Area). What else? a Hot dog stand & Disco floor? Nah, let’s be serious for now.:irked:

What else?


I would suggest at least 50m lenght pool for “sprint” racing.

Olympic Swimming Pool would be good for starters :linux:

As to wind - fans probably make the wind too turbulant so would need ducts from big fan outside.

An interesting concept Tomo:timebomb:

I would go with a round pool, about 80m. diameter 22 inches deep (knee deep), with stepped sides and and a concrete or asphault/rubber bottom.

Constant, straight wind is created by circulating the air through large (6x8foot) ducting overhead, and fans at both ends- one blows and one draws. Then you can sail any day.

Why use a rectangular olympic swimming pool? It’s very deep ( you only need a couple feet to handle most any model yacht). If it was about waist deep, you could also use it for scale electric models and submarine competition. And if you notice, most lakes aren’t that rectangular; they’re more rounded or oval.

Wind from outside? That would be fine, but then you could only sail during the warmer months. Fans might work, but they produce a focused wind flow, and the pressure dissipates quickly. You’ll need lots of fans, and a way to circulate the air back to the fans once it crosses the water.

In the 1970s and 80’s the Metro Marine Modellers in Toronto used to have an indoor pool at the annual International Toronto Boat Show.

From memory, the temportary pool was about 30 feet wide and 50 feet long and about 2 feet deep. The pool was made by setting up wooden formers around the sides, and covering it with a pool liner. It was then filled with water.

We sailed many scale models, even submarines, and with about five large fans, sailed Marblehead (50/800) with no problem.

We used to get the major sail makers at the show to come and do some match racing…lots of fun.

We had the same pool at the Mid-America Boat Show in Ohio Jan 13-22. Because it wasn’t deep enough, we couldn’t sail ODOMs- only the retailer that was there selling CR914s (performance models?) was able to sail. So we demonstrated scale electric models (tugs, subs, monos, etc) every couple of hours.

I had my Ocean 500 there, so I got to sail that. The fans were too much for it, so I had to stay at the far end.

If they are going to do that again next year, Tom, it would be a great opportunity for you to organize some Footy racing. The pool is big enough for a real course to be set up. I know you’re building a Footy, so get some friends busy, too. And let me know through the Footy forum or email if they are going to have the pool.


I agree a 30x50 pool would be fine for Footy sailing, but not with those 5-foot fans! My Ocean 500 got knocked down when I sailed across the front of them. You’d probably have to stay a certain distance way. And then you gotta compete for water with the military guys. They throw up waves 3 or 4 inches tall, and one ran my sailboat downclaiming I wasn’t giving way.:grumpy:

A race means you get sole use of the pool, and it will not be easy with all the scale guys wanting the whole thing to themselves too.

That’s a long commute for you from NH, Bill, or only 15 minutes for me, bit I suppose you’ve got something else in mind than being there personally.
I’m sure camera will be drawn as soon as the Footses hit the water,

along with a few people going :long: :long: :long: :long:


Take a look at this indoor match racing contest:splat:

i would put my ocean 500 in that race with the 5 footer. I know the rules. and i would use them. if THEy hit me. they do the 360. I bounce off and keep going. I did use a ocean 500 in a race with IOM. most of the skippers i sailed with are grown ups. they were a few that got push around, and it was never me who made the complaint. those guys who hit your smaller boat. just ask them is this a boat race or a penis fight. the footies are a real good idea. hell if i was in your area. I WOULD MAKE MY FOOTY. AND PUT IT IN. but then agian . I am known as alittle but of a sh** distruber. I know the rules and i use them

Well, except for the outright speed of the 5-footer, the Ocean 500 has the lead in maneuvering in the small area. You could conceivably get in close, and luff the big guy into a few circles…

the ultimate pool. . .

I have thinking about this one over the past couple years. and here is what I have come to. I am predicating this on being a complex designed with the sole intent of model sailing and that I had the millions to build it.

Size of the sialing area would be 50 meters by 25 meters.

Depth would be constant all over. The nominal depth would be adjustable across a range of 0" to 5 feet deep. Targeted at boats approximately 1 meter in length. The water depth would be adjustable through a rising/falling floor. similar to some of the olympic pools.

Primary course would ALWAYS be winward leward. Above the start/leward mark would be a judges podium suspended above the line. ONLY the ref can stand here to judge starts and roundings completely unobstructed.

Above the windward mark would be a similar podium for the ref only to call penalties.

At each podium would be a high res video camera both recording the area and broadcasting to two independant jumbotron monitors. on the opposite wall. Good action and as an aid to compititors for rounding.

Along the long dimension of the pool would be atleast 8 levels of walk ways (with railings) for the competitors to walk along. Each level would have 2 recessed sets of tracks. In these tracks would be chairs for “differently abled sailors.” The chairs would be wired to work on a free channel of that sailors radio. This way, without taking their hands off their remote, they could move freely up and down the length of the arena.

The facility would be built with RF integrity in mind. In the sailing arena, no radio signals would be able to come in from outside. Internally, I would comission the design of custom sets of transmitters and recievers designed to gaurentee NO interference between competitors signals. These would probably violate FCC band limits, but inside our RF cage, it wouldnt matter.

WIND . . . I havent even gotten to wind! On the roof of the pool would be atleast 20 3 foot diameter ducted fans. They would be set in 3 foot diameter tubes that ran the full length of the pool. The fans would be located close to the low pressure (leeward) end of the pool. This would give the swirling air 50 yards to “loose its swirl.” On the high pressure side of the pool (windward) they would come down and exit through diffusers designed to normalize the air flow. Each fan would be wired into a controller and linked to one controlling computer. This computer would take several inputs and through the use of a computer model and random number generator, control the fans independantly to change wind speed and introduce global puffs, global lulls, local puffs, local lulls, and wind shifts. The user interface would allow the RD to set the conditions including the intensity and variability of the wind. For instance, they could dial in high winds with no variabiliby. The wind would be strong, but of constant force and directions. They could dial in high winds with lulls, but no shifts. Constant wind pressure with shifts. . . yada yada yada. You get the idea.

The roof would be constructed of a smart glass that with electrical current could transition from transparent to opaque depending on what you wanted that day. The parimeter of the pool would have lifting glass doors that would allow you open to the outdoors if you wanted to use “natural” wind.

Other uses, drop the floor to 5 feet deep, you can still hold swimming competitions in it. Adjust to 2 feet, kiddie pool. Need a good teaching platform, put it wherever you want.

Training facility for optis and prams. At our Yacht club. . . kids learn how to capsize and right an opti in the safety of the pool first. My brother and I would always race the opti’s in a 25 yard pool immediately following. Heck, in a 50 meter pool, you could teach opti sailing, and even match race optis!

Hows that for dreaming big?


Here’s an email I received on the boats, by the way, 12,000 swiss francs is about $9,100 USD.


I’am Antonio DellaZoppa from Speedmodels and responsible for the America Cube boats raced in swiming pools (or outdoor) by the Gstaad Yacht Club.
We prepare and rigg the boats at our site for GYC.
All boats are made form carbon fibre. The white ones are painted. However most prefer now the original unpainted carbon fiber version which looks tremendously “racy” and are lighter as well.
We sell the boats ready to race with remote control units, rechargeable batteries, charger, tools, transport case made of alu etc.
The sails are made of Kevlar/Mylar for outdoor racing, light weight Dacron for indoor racing.
Rudder, main sail and jib are remote controled separately.
The world best (full size) skippers have raced those boats !
1 x SP-0950 America Cube complet Set Swiss Francs 12’000.-
available from stock
We sell world wide
UPS parcel service.
Hopefully this has caught your attention.
Call me if you need more info.
See our web for the America cube: Deutsch Marine … Segelboote…America Cube
SPEEDMODELS, A. Della Zoppa, Lyssachstrasse 97,
CH-3400 Burgdorf / Switzerland
Tel.: +41 34 423 28 20 / Fax: +41 34 423 28 21 /

Carbon really is the “in” thing… so much so that there has been a world wide shortage of material for quite some time now. Some smaller builders are having a hard time just getting the material, and larger shops are forced to order well in advance and you can imagine which direction the price has gone. Still… at over $9,000 a whack… I would be more than happy to talk to anyone that wanted to purchase one. While there are not many sold (take the AC-15 for example, it was $6,000 at the last cup so you can see how much the price has increased) there are the occaisional well-to-do’s that buy the odd boat. Amazing isn’t it?

Well, you do get the Aluminum case to carry it in. It probably has a special 2-piece mast. That leaves the other $4500 to justify.

these boats have been available in the u.s. market since 9 years back(1997). they are available from Challenger Yachts for $5000. it used to be only $4500.

The first product i believe was called the mighty mary.

An indoor windsurfing pool could suffice…

ec12nz, thanks for the link, nice!