Hello to all -

just a quick update about the U.S. RG-65 SAILING CLUB - which has been formed as a US Club, but with representative “chapters” in all but one AMYA Region - so far. We are now in the process of developing our Class Owners Association constitution and bylaws, will use International Rules with only a couple of additions to make life easier here in the U.S. In the meantime, I am posting our “official” welcome and urge readers if interested in building small (25 inch) development class boats - to give as a “look”.

Dick welcome to the AMYA family of clubs. I have assigned club #269 to the RG-65 Sailing Club and I am showing you in Region 4 because that is where the club contact is located. I have forwarded your club information to the other folks who manage the AMYA data bases for a complete update. Your listing should show up on the web site in a few days.

Again welcome to the AMYA family of clubs.

John T. Hanks lll
AMYA Executive Secretary

Hi Dick:
You are doing an extraordinary work!!!
Well done!!!

Hi Maximo.
Are you coming to the National championship final event in late november here in Chile, Christian Roessner told me that Samuel Ruiz is coming. I will be going from Puerto Montt, (1000 kms. south!!) and trying to move with me some other 5 skeepers.

I could not attend the Sudamerican in Lobos, but the next year I will not loose the chance…

I would like to know your thoughts about so many rg 65 designs, so different from each other. Wide transoms or narrow hulls, what do you like the most???

My best regards,

Tato Lazo
Puerto Montt - Chile

:scared: YIKES !
The class and these little things keep multiplying when you least expect it !!! :scared:

:lol: Photos of a Dutch RG-65 Class regatta :zbeer:

The Dutch case is very interesting as they have their own XL25 class as well as a huge Micromagic fleet, respectively inches more and less than the RG65. Maximo is well satisfied tese days with the progress being achieved.

Er, I think that’s the 2008 German Nationals on Lake Constance, second day.



“Fact checker” isn’t working on my PC ! … :wink:

Thanks Earl

Was “from” a Dutch site - so I just … oh well …

Hi All.
Yes Martin, I´m very, very, very satisfied.
You know, in 1998 there were only ±60 boats in this class, all and only in Argentina. Today 2008, in 10 years, + 1100 boats in, let say, 15 countries?

It´s too much…:):):):slight_smile:

Máximo, hay un mensaje privado en tu buzón.