The Third Anniversary of Breaking Wind Boats 1-1-14

Today marks 3 full years of making the Ready Made Hull. My goal in the beginning was unclear other than to make the RG65 a household name, by providing a base to build the best boat for the smallest price possible. I was new to RC sailing then and wanted to build my own boat. RG65 was the perfect class, other than 3 measurements I could do anything I wanted to do. Little did I know the depth you can take the theory and technology of sailing to on a boat of this size. Every part of the boat has so many choices. You build it, weigh it, and then build a smaller, lighter, stronger part next time. That is the part I find most interesting, the more you do it, the more you find something new to try. Be careful, I now have a flotilla of RG’s, 2 Victoria’s, a Soling 1M and an ODOM (so far in these 3 years).
I’m happy to see the introduction of the newest low cost ready to sail RG65. What a great idea, and full out effort on that one. Best of luck to all the team! We will all benefit with club growth from this one across the board. Get people on the water and they will come back time and again better and stronger.

This is my time to take a break. I have decided for a number of reasons to stop making my hulls. The website will be up (cuz it’s paid for) for a while with information and support for the hulls, I know some are still sitting on benches all over. Spare parts should be available if needed.

Thank you one and all to my new friends who joined me in this adventure. I have talked to people around the world and we shared many ideas and had a ball all the way.

What some of you have done with my bare hull is simply Amazing.

See you on the water!!


Craig Huzway
RG #58 USA and
Breaking Wind Boats

First off I think you should be conngradulated for your enthusiasm in the RG class, and making good hull forms available
at the most reasonable cost. RG’s are becoming much like the IOM, you can spend 1000$ easily for a complete boat.
Yet you still have to learn how to tune it and sail it thru the rest of the fleet. It’s a class that requires more than just
an general knowlage of sailing so it can seem intimating to the novice builder. Thanks for product and information
that you have provided to all of us RG sailors.

Thank you for your effort to build hulls and promote RG65’s. They were high quality moldings that you can truly be proud of.
And very nice looking to boot. Prices were very low, almost give-aways…
Wishing you the best!!!

Craig, will your 3D printed parts still be available? I Hadn’t looked at your site for a while so was not aware you were
offering them. The possibilities of light weight molded hulls that you have produced and the ability to create 3D parts
To suit them would be cool if you decide to start up again. Also offering different colors of plastic (yah it’s me). If you
don’t, we understand how hard it is to turn a hobby into a business .

Hi Kurt
Never intended to turn my hobby into a business when I started doing this for myself it was just to easy not to share it.
If there is something on the what you can buy page you can buy it. prices are on each page. feel free to print them out.
I’ll be here for a long time, mostly need a change and time to work on MY boats.

dammit… now that craig won’t be making any more hulls it will give him more time to practice and become a better sailor…not a good sign for the locals…