The Second Anniversary of Breaking Wind Boats

It was on 1-1-11 that I first posted the question, would there be any interest in a ready made hull. Well today after two full years. 4 boat designs. A couple adventures into mold making. Reading, studying, and meeting people from around the world, I have come to the conclusion this has been the most fun and challenging thing I ever lucked into. Never did I ever think these boats would be in 28 US States and 13 Countries around the world.
Thanks first to the designers Bill, Brian and Maximo who so generously shared there vision with the RG65 and Footy Classes around the world.
Thanks next to people like Jim, Scott, Ruthard in Germany and many others, who early on jumped in and spent all those hours on building, testing and tuning these little boats into something really special.
Then there is our US RG Class Secretary Eric Rosenbaum. Words just can’t describe the patience and dedication this man has for sailing and the class. Thanks Eric from all of us.
Until now I never passed up a chance a chance to get an RG65 into the hands of a builder as soon as I could. In most cases I would get there hull in the mail in 3 days or less. For the next 4 months a big project at work will limit my time on this endeavor. I don’t see that a 3 day turn around will be something I can do for a while. I’m looking to do what I can 1 day a week for a while. What this means is there will be about a 2 week wait for any hull sets for quite a while.
I hope to see more of these out on the water and racing. With some more time I can build some more and post more pictures of building options. This is kind of new to most people and working with plastic has a different set of challenges. There is nothing that a little patience cannot overcome.
Thank you all for giving it a try. There are some really great looking and sailing boats out there from this.
Fair winds and following seas to all
Craig Huzway
Breaking Wind Boats .com

Cheers! Great job!

two thumbs up for craig…

I have had two of his hulls… and would have no problems with grabbing another in a heartbeat…at the price point he sells them. it easy to build use for a year, rip it apart salvage all the electronics, foils, and rig and grab a different hull to try…

Craig has done so much and at just about every regatta he has attended he has donated hulls, cradles, ect as giveaways, door prizes.

Keep up the good work Craig…

most folks will understand…