The RG65 issue of the AMYA Mag is going to press!

The next issue of the AMYA magazine Model Yachting is all about RG65s (issue #165). I guess that puts us officially on the R/C map in the U.S. The magazine is packed with information including articles on design, sailmaking with the Claudio gadget, CF foil construction, building three different types of rigs (conventional, swing, and McRig), and a step-by-step build of a complete boat using one of Craig Huzway’s hulls as the starting point.

For those of us who are already AMYA members, this issue will be mailed out in about three weeks. I know, however, that many of the people who are active in this Class are not members, and they may want this issue. There are a few options to consider. The first is to join AMYA by this Friday, July 15, which would likely put you on the MY165 Mailing List. A new member signing up before that July 15 deadline would also need to make note on the AMYA Membership Form that a copy of MY165 be sent out to him instead of the Getting Started issue of MY. The trading of the Getting Started issue for the RG65 issue will only work if the Friday deadline is met and the RG65 is specified to replace the standard Getting Started issue. This offer has been approved by both AMYA Membership Secretary Michelle Dannenhoffer and AMYA President David Brawner. To join AMYA:

Copies will also be available through the AMYA’s Ship’s Store after they have mailed to the members. The last possibility for getting a copy will be to see if the Class still has some extras on hand. We are ordering some to help with getting the word out. I am the keeper of the issues and can be emailed at RG65(dot)info(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy sailing!

Eric Rosenbaum
USA #11