The promised "Halfpint" pics

Here’s “Halfpint!” [:D]

Finally got a chance to have Sheila take some pics of the little cutie sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee. [^] As you can see, she sails quite nicely…surprisingly well-balanced for such a little boat. Of course, she does “bob about” in the chop. Smooth water and moderate wind are her favorites.

Bruce, can you lift these out of here for the website? If not, let me know and I can email them to you.

Chad, or other moderators…is there a way that uploading Hullform files (extension .hud) could be allowed? I’d be happy to publish the plan for Halfpint, but I can’t post the file.


Download Attachment: DSCF4371.JPG

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WELL Done!

I love the transparent sails. Did you make the sails? This is yet another kick in the pants for me to make one of those.

Great work, Bill. Love the mascot.

I have saved the great pics as I am working on the site this holiday weekend (almost too hot to go sailing. Oh well, that’s a Florida thing.

Please try to e-mail me the plans file so I can post it. I have a version of BobAbout, and such a good-looking addition would be most welcome.

Bruce Crichton
AMYA 14043
“Face piles of trials with smiles”

Thx, John

Brett gets credit for the sails, I just made the boat. [:D]

I went down to my local florist and got enough of the transparent cellophane (or whatever that stuff is…they wrap flowers in it) to make a bunch of sails. They gave it to me free…one of the nice things about rural New Hampshire. The reinforcements are strips of deck patch material. So you’ll be seeing more sails like this on a couple of other Footys I have in the works.


Looks awesome Bill!!

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Brett, I never would have done it without your inspiration and help.

John, if you need a kick in the butt, come up and sail your S1m with us June 12 (details on the Yahoo forum,) and I’ll loan you the mold so you can make a hull from it.

Bruce, I emailed the Hullform file to you. Hopefully, we can build a portfolio of Footy designs that seem to work.


that boat looks good. you did a very good job. i wonder how it sails? I have been looking for a model that fits into a suitcase. so far all ihave is the old koysho ocean 500s.and I dont trust them in open water. more like pool toys. you have proven your boat works in open water. just ned to know 1) how does it sail and 2) how much?
love the clear sails. must complety disapear between big waves

long live the cup and cris dickson

The clear Florist film is interesting.Bills sails are my first attempt with the material.Being clear it is differcult to see when cutting and shaping.

The sails are made to the pattern in my “BobAbout” plans avalible on this site.
I used 3 panels for the main sail and 2 for the jib.The panels are joined over a shaped sail block with 6mm double sided tape.
I used “spinaker repair tape” for the reinforcments. It comes 50mm wide.I cut it into strips around 6mm wide and apply it to the sails.Battens are made from thin packaging plastic.
The footy logo and any numbers can be made with a waterproof marker pen.
Holes in the tack and clew etc are made with the tip of a soldering iron.No Eyelets are used.
All these materials are cheap and easy to obtain.
There we go, all explained…no reason not to go and make some nice sails for your footy"s!!!


Incredible boat! Great job! I would be interested in the plans for the half pint hull. The footy web page has menu link to the plans, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

I currently have two footies in different stages of construction from the original plans using plastic sign material for the hull. One is rigged up and has been sailed, but the deck is not finished and it isn’t painted. It also refused to tack upwind on its maiden voyage. I used white tyvek postal mailer material for the sails. The second one is being fitted with the standing and running rigging ,rudder linkage, and keel. They are not nearly as sleek as the half pint and due to an error in printing they are slightly larger than true footies. My children have enjoyed sailing the one. Practice makes perfect and the next ones are bound to get better.


I have to admit that my first footy (Bob About from plans) should hit the water tomorrow at the regional for the SeaWind class in Wichita. I hope all goes as planned. Other than the occassional midwestern thunderstorm

AMYA #13417

Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Rob, thx for the compliments.

Bruce is working on the website, but it’s a spare-time effort that will take him a while. If you have Hullform (available for free download at ) and would like the plan, send me your email address and I can email a copy to you. My address is .

Anyone else interested can do the same.

Before requesting it, please understand that I’m talking about a lines plan for the hull, not a construction plan like Brett’s “Bobabout.” The “Halfpint” plan does not include deck, servo mounts, fin, rudder, rig, etc. It’s just the lines for the hull.

That clarified, I’d be glad to send it to any of you who have creative building skills, and I can include some more pics of Halfpint as a guide. [^]


I don’ see any pics! :crying: only the links

I seems that old links are no longer working…probably a result of the changes Chad has had to make to the site. Charles put a couple of HalfPint pics on the Footy website, though. It’s the pink and white boat with clear sails held by an ugly guy with gray hair. There’s a pic of her transom, too, with a “Hello Kitty” sticker on it.


Yeah, the pink boat. Very nice finishing job.