The Perfect Size!


This is a really open ended question, but I wanted everyone’s opinion. What is the perfect size for a model boat?

Some of the factors I include in my decision are materials to build, sailing quality, overall speed (for most of us, size does matter), transportability, and storability (I like to leave my boats set up, but I don’t enjoy having to worry about my ceiling fan clipping them;-)

When I take these things into consideration, I think 36 inches is about my optimal length. It produces a boat that is big enough I can sail it in chop and fast enough I can catch the big boats on drifters:-) It also happens to be the maximum length of the balsa planks my local hobby shop sells. And finally, at 6’2" overall, it comes in a few hairs shy of the top of my head, so I know that anywhere I can go, the OMEN can go to!

Anyway, what do you guys think? I’m curious about those with Carbon Fiber experience and also the multi guys. Where do you guys put those boats?!?

There is always enough wind to sail…it’s just a matter of having enough sail to catch it:-)


I would say anything between 35 inches and 50 inches is good. I think one of the more important things to look at is mast height. In my opinion anything more than 6 feet, is just a pain in the a** to transport.

For example my next boat will be a 3R. It sits in the middle of the size spectrum.

The following is a shameless class promotion. [:D]

Good choice and good reasons.

I would only suggest you also look at the 1 Meter size. It’s only about 3 inches longer, and there are a “ton” of different makes/models available. You can purchase quick-build (relative term) plastic boats like the SeaWind class, or you can go along the routes of the One Design One Meter (a pretty great one-design class) If you want to experiment, there is the IOM class (currently “THE” hot class which allow some limited development) and as Dan did above, - shameless promotion - if you have the urge to go fast, the MultiONE class of trimarans or catamarans is trying to find interested builders for more members. That one is open and fully developmental within size limitations and is also one meter in length.

hmmm, just my 2 Yen…between 50cm (MicroMagic) and 1.2m [;)]…as said above, the big problem is THE MAST!!!


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Well I’ve sailed Dan’s pond as well and 50" is the perfect length, fits any motor car (Auto)

1600cm would be good length, with 2.2-2.5m mast would be perfect length

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We are shooting up the plans on Stars and Stripes at the moment to a 1/8th scale model produces around a 10’ hull with 12’ mast and about 6,500 sq in of sail. I don’t know how perfect it is… but it will sure be a hoot.[:D]

What sort of servos do you use for a boat that big? Also, will the mast be to scale, seems like it is alot taller than just 120% of the length? Anyway would love to see pictures when they are available.
Andrew Miller

The RMG 380 will handle the main, and our new Genoa winch will handle the jib. For rudder, since it is a balanced spade type, the loads are very light and could be handled by any standard metal geared servo, but for something this large I always overkill it and use a small sail winch servo for the rudder.

Yes the mast is a little short, because I still have to move this thing around… and I am NOT getting another trailer! [:-censored]

Sounds pretty sweet. Might I be able to bother you for some info about running a genoa type jib? PM me or email me at if you are interested in the details.
Andrew Miller