The Other Table

Hey, over at the “first post” table–the high school kid sitting with the old guy, you know the loudest guy in the joint…What’s up with that???[:-sick]

I may be a ‘high school kid’ as you put it, and Doug may talk alot, but at lest neither of us belong to the misrable old fart’s club that you seem to aspire to. Get a life.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Did someone make this forum solely for the purpose of throwing insults around? In the last week this place is showing a severe need for moderation.

If being in the “no class” and “old farts” means we enjoy actually sailing boats that actually exist and having fun then I’m all for it. If sailing in large fleets of simple boats low technology boats is bad then a lot of us must be wrong.

If any of this new technology is ever actually proven in an actual race and we see some actual benefit then maybe we’ll consider putting it in our boats.

I’m sorry, I just dislike being refered to as a kid in a derogatory way. I’ll race anything if a race is to be had, but i prefer to race fast boats.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

this post sounds alot like my old yacht club after a race.
the old fart(laugh) and the young punks ( luagh). sit around drinking and laughing at each other.we should all sit a think about what we can offer each other. or just invade and conquer.
bar keep . i’ ll have another grog

I am new to this forum but it would seem that it just looks like a lot of guys bagging each other rather than sharing info or discussing what this site is about RC sailing.


Gappy, there has been a lot of tension in the air primarily due to a small group of people. There are good dicussions ,particularly in New Clases, Technology and under the multiONE class.
As you well know(owning the first canting keel F100) there are big changes ahead for model yachting -changes bigger than any one individual or group of individuals-exciting positive tremendous changes that some have great difficulty in even discussing with a “civil” tongue but there is a majority of people here that are very interested in learning about/discussing new technology such as canting keels, CBTF ,spinnakers ,square top rigs etc and its ramifications for RC Sailing.
Everybody would be interested in your F100 story and your thoughts on the boat, the technology, the sailing and any new skills required, the whole shebang.
Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

welcome first and foremost to this formum , if you have anything to discuss we have it here. boats canting keels. women. ballast ( or is that the same thing?)
cougar lol

Any scotch available?

this is a room full of sailors:-) we drink only rum and grog here.
and of corse we talking about women and the size of our jibs:-)

trash, many beers maybe followed by a few whisky and coke’s is the main post sailing drinking for the Uk sailing scene at least!! Dont think i can drink in the US yet anyway, you gotta be some silly age like 21 havent you?

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

cougar - rum is great when I’m sailing in the Caribbean! We Northerners (aren’t you in Ontario?) need something serious when dreaming of sailing on a cold winter’s night!

Glenlivet, here I come!

The other Matt (the old one, I guess!)

nah…for winter…only HOT “sake” (Japanese)

heats up all the body…[}}:-|>>]


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

well yes i live in ontario
so if i cant have rum.
bar keep give me a canadian, and a beer from mike
make mine with a rum chaser

grin old farts vs. young hooligans? You shoulda been at our regatta the day we had our powder-puff (newbies - male or female) race…heh…a 6-year-old leading the pack. That race was for rank beginners, by the way - 1 newbie matched up with 1 old fart.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

you are so right, every time i give my transmitter to a kid. it like i have given him the world. and the look on thier faces , make me want to build a couple just so that the spectator who do not have a boat , can race one for about 10 minute, it is free of charge for them , and it gets us more sailors
middle aged fart:-)

I just got another confirmed sailor this week. our junoir skipper just spent his paper route money on a used victoria. so you see giving your transmitter to some one . WILL get theat person into the sport
he is 7 yrs old and paid $30 for the boat. I am giving him my old transmitter

Very cool, cougar - great approach!

Our club has a “club boat” that is there just for that purpose - whoever shows up can grab the controls and give it a whirl!


i know this is a "REVOLUTUIONAL) IDEA . but have a OLD club boat that could be donated to the club. and maintained by its memebers. would benefit the whole. and would bring in other members. i am sure of it. the idea does work. i have proven it. first my wife. and now taylor. a 7 ry old kid would rather spend his hard earn money to buy a beat up boat , than buy a comic book. i wish i had more knowledge of the victoria class to give him. but he is sort of on his own. i will help him the best i can. he needs new sails i know that
ahhhh and I am not even his father