The newest rc-trimaran!

I just received this single picture from a young man from Australia.

He has built this boat - a Mini40 trimaran “Nightmare Mk.VIII” -
all by himself from the plans I sent to him.

(the boat is not painted in it´s final colors yet).
He wants to use the Vodaphone colors.

I have several building pics of his boat,
if you are interested.

looks nice! Congrats to the builder, i would love to see some more pictures.

Cheers, Erik

Here are some:

fair play to him and well done - wish him lots of good time sailing his trimaran.

Fair play to you ernst for making these plans available :wink:

That looks cool. It’s almost like-like; all you need now is little guys in black neoprene suits that have names like Ainslie, Bundock, and Spithill on the back.

nice build!, what is the all-up weight?


The whole structure mainhull, floats and crossbars (but yet without centerboard, centerboard trunk or rudder - as you can see in the building pics) was 2.1 kg.

So I assume the complete boat ready-to-sail must be in the range of 2.8 kg - but I will ask him to check that out for me.

He also plans to make float foils, so there will be some added weight.
(and don´t forget about the weight of the painting.) :spin:

Sorry - too heavy…:jap:

I agree ETNZ on the side would be lighter :smoking::smoking:

seriously Ernst what displacement you went for in this design 2.8-3kg ?

I tried to design a Mini40 with best possible overall performance -
from very light wind to really strong winds where you can only sail with the little D-rigg anymore.

I´m sure with carbon/epoxy it also should be possible to achive an all up weight of 2.5 kg, but I designed the boat for 3.0 kg.

Float volume is 7.5 dm3 each - makes 300% at 2.5 kg boatweight -
or still 250% at 3.0 kg boatweight - which is still on the safe side.

But of course the lighter you achive to make the boat,
the faster it will be able to sail in the end.
And if the wind increases you still have the option to add some lead in the stern of the mainhull for additional stability.

I hope these datas are what you wanted. :slight_smile:

Yup indeed they are - so he should be fine even after having the rudder and centreboard fitted - still ok once he adds the foilers…

Great to see some multi news - not often !

First video:

  • some hydrofoiling fun from Ian Holt:

great video cheers Ernst

Just received this from Ian Holt:

Different Lake yesterday, it never seems to be good there when there
is some southerly in the wind, but there were a few healthy gusts.
See new video here

It did appear to go faster than then during the first outing, and once
or twice was going just too fast for me to steer. I think in strong
winds I will need smaller foils as I have too much lift. When
hydrofoiling at speed it currently rides very high!


Very nice :slight_smile:

Just received this from Tom:

Hey Ernst,
Last weekend was good, was able to go out sailing for a few hours in just over 10 knots. Got my b rig up and running. Didn’t have anyone with me to take any video I’m afraid.

Found a minor leak in one of the floats, think it might be coming in through the cross beam bolt hole. Will have to investigate.

Designing and applying some custom decals at the moment, already finished with the floats. Also will start building the float foils pretty soon.

Did you mention you were planning a new build? Have you made a start yet?



Hope you enjoy this one!. Nice breeze today and I tried out 4 rigs,
though too windy for #1 rig

Starting to get it to foil upwind which is a challenge. All about
getting just the right amount of power out of the rig,. Not too much.
I now have enough info to start making changes to the foils. The
port foil is good for foiling in lighter winds, the starboard foil
works well in a breeze, but only on a beam reach. There is a fine
edge between success and failure!



Thank you very much for that! :smile3:

Great link and very well presented! :hammer:

We sailed 2 boats on Saturday - Daryn’s Firedragon and my latest. #2
rigs used as the gusts early on were too much for the top rigs. The
Firedragon is similar to a Nightmare but with a narrower main hull and
floats with a little bit more rocker.


And here is the video: