The new MOD 70 - Multihull One Design 70ft!

Anyone interested in the new MOD 70 Class - Multihull One Design?

I thought about a 1/10 scale model,
which would be 213,35 cm legth overall and 186 cm width then.

Should look quite impressive on the water then.

Here is the official homepage:

Including lots of construction pics - hot!

Disabled aka Idealist aka Boatbuilder aka Ernst Zemann

Hmmmm - wonder if I should let them know the words" Multi One" and “Multi1” have already been taken - and used since the early 2000s ?

Maybe a swap - I get the boat, they get to use the copyrights to the name. :cool: :graduate:

Hey Dick,
are you trying to pull them to court because of that violation?

Thought crossed my mind - similar to what the French did in 2000 regarding the “owned and copyrighted Mini40 rules” that we tried to clean up.


Hihihi - there allways will be some narrowminded folks around -
but the world keeps on turning -
and you know what those French “achieved” in 2000 - nothing.

So I don´t care about any intentions to stop me.
I´ll just carry on.

In the end “world” will tell who was right.


:lol: In the case of copyright law - the world will have an opinion - while the courts will tell who is/was right. :lol:

Did you ever complete one of your F48 (Mini40) catamarans/trimarans at least?

To race against whom ??? There are only three others that I know of registered with our AMYA so when bored, I pull out one of several (plus the M65) to take up some time and take my time. Seems you need to sell your plans to others over here and get them to build and race. I need incentives.

I also recently became interested in shooting (handguns) and just purchased/received my first one - so now I am a supporter of our Second Amendment - allowing citizens to “bear arms.” A lot of jokes about “arming bears” seem to follow.

So Dick - Is the inclusion of handguns a veiled warning to Ernst. Please don’t shoot him, he does design nice boats.

And there was us Brits thinking the ‘right to bear arms’ was why Mrs Obama wore sleeveless tops!!

Yup, I know, it’s probably very old, just couldn’t resist…



Come on. chewbaka needs to get some air on her arms…

Dick, I miss my handguns. Although I’m sure I would have put several holes in a few of my boats if I still had my guns. Once I had my daughter I felt it best to sell them. Eliminate the chance for any accidents.

I had a 1911 colt stainless .45 and a Star firestar 9mm loved both guns…

When little (maybe 9 or so) my grandpa had me try to lift his Pheasant gun - double-barrel side/by/side and I couldn’t get the muzzle off the ground. My second gun was a .22 cal. pump and I tried rabbits. Never could lead them enough - so never had rabbit. Wound up shooting bottles and cans in an old dumpsite (circa about 1958 or so) and my son-in-law is a shooter (target) so tried his 9mm, his .40 cal. handguns and his .223 rifle. Decided I liked the handguns - so wound up with a 9mm which fit my hand perfectly. Also - never can tell when those ahemmm - “Brits” will want to take the country back ! Not that a 9mm will make too much of a difference. Some days after work - I imagine the target shooting will allow me to off-load some steam. Plus - a 9 mm round below the waterline of a leading boat might tend to slow it down enough to catch up.

Marc - I think your 1911 would be worth some mega-bucks today. Most are very collectable - and new ones of any good handgun maker start close to $1,000 … I know a few guys who unloaded their collections and made more in one old gun sale than it cost for them to build their entire collection.

Sorry - didn’t mean to hijack the thread.

Never argue with a loaded gun! :devil3:
Don´t mind if you hijack that thread.

I´m used to the Colt Government “Gold Cup” .45 ACP of my father since I was 14.
Took it apart, cleaned it and put it together again + reloaded old shells
together with my father- before I knew how to invite a girl to the movies or for a coke.
Could have become one of those insane “school-killers” at that age as well -
but I preferred to build rc-boats untill today.

Guns and shooting are not “really” a sane and healthy hobbyhorse. :wink:

sane, about as sane a s spending thousands of dollars and countelss hours playing with toy boats… : )

not sure guns are healthy, but if you respect them they wont’ hurt you.

Guns aren’t dangerous, it’s the people holding them that can be…


Important update on the new MOD 60 Trimarans!!!

Through some secret channels from my old times as a shipwright
I just received precise plans which are NOT available via the Internet!

These plans are so precise,
they can be redrawn now to build a true 1:10 scale model,
or for the Mini40 class, as well as for the 2M class.

But this time they will not be for free.

Please tell me if/how much of you are interested!

General dimensions of the real ones:
Length overall 21,2 m
Beam overall 16,8 m
Hull draft 4,50 m
Mast rake 4°
Air draft 29 m
Light deplacement 6,3 T
Up-wind sail area 310 m2
Down wind sail area 409 m2

But the same speech would fit for boats as well.
“Boats aren´t dangerous, it´s the people holding the steering wheel that can be…”

I know this is an old thread but not an old class or topic. The MOD70 were in Dublin and are in full swing at the moment, just off the Portuguese coast - Been to see them in Dublin and wow what a spectacle so I can only imagine what they’d look like in 1/10 scale !!!

Ernst have you done any more work on a proto yet ?

PS for now I’m finishing a new A rig for my IOM, after finishing a new cf rigging on my old Cobra Mini40 -much stiffer than the previous one- so I can control the sail shape a lot better. I then need to re fit the electrics and hopefully get it wet again… Then I have to finish the platform of a Coyote Mini40 and build the rigging for it too. But at the same time I have just started the work on the 2m BP5 float when I have time.