The New Look Of Forum - yes or no?

Ummmmm - not so much Chad.

I can see some benefits by being able to draw posts from multiple threads into a single “article” - but wonder how useful it will be. While it may help with “hijacked” threads I’m not sure how wellit will be received. Will wait and see. I understand your desire to post examples of how the forum can be used, and some may go that way, but there is still a lot to be said about a “threaded” topic that is easy to find and get to - and where only sailing topics are visible upon sign in. BTW - all sign in info from the header has shifted left just next to the site logo and is shaded down. Was hard to read/notice Earl had left a message as the options were all grayed out.

Let’s see how it works, and comments received. A search for brings one to the “how to use” article post, and I think many new visitors may think they had a redirect. When looking for rc sailing, and a quick look at the left side column reveals cities or countries - just a hunch many will leave.

Hope you can track sign ons or visits and how far/deep they go into the site.

ADDED: Did we get the problems associated with registering/sign in/posting resolved?

Horrible. Please give us back the old format.

All I do is click on NEW POSTS.

If I want to refer back to a thread, I want to see the categories.


Am I missing something? If I click on “Forum,” then everything is the same as before.


I thought this was an r/csailing related site?

How did all the news stuff get in there? Sailing-related (WOC, VOR, AC challence, etc.) stories or news would be more appropriate than recipes or politics, unless Obama wants to fund r/c sailing lakes in every city? :stuck_out_tongue:

Even the recent ‘old’ form was fine, but I would always like to know who started the topic…

BTW, the links at the top, next to the banner are the same color at the background, so I couldn’t read them. Please make all text more contrasting/ easily readable.


While the forum page may be the same, clicking on new posts is definitely much different. I come to the forum for RC sailing items only. The rest gets in the way of finding the items I wish to read.

And now I need to click on more things to get where I want.

Not really … A video of a man stealing a pig on a motorcycle was entertaining but finding the forum - the RC sailing forum - was quite an effort …

I also have would like to have the old treads back, there is a lot of information that’s now a little complicated to retrieve.

EDIT: OK, my mistake, the old treads are there, you have to log on to see them … .

Whoa! Slow down folks…
Sorry I have been MIA. Upgraded the site last night to address an issue with new users not being able to post.

I found a nice little surprise of CMS being turned on and pre-Populated. (Turned it off for now)