The "multiple" hulls of the AC

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Now will have to wait to see what the BMW/Oracle will look like.

Lots of other links at the bottom of the pages on These are gonna be fun to watch!


thanks for the links - I got mine from the same site photos, but thought maybe Ellison might decide to build a cat as well as a trimaran.

If I was inclined to build one :rolleyes: to race a reasonably “closed course” I think I would opt for a tri like BMW, as that cat will be really quick in a straight line, bu I think will suffer when trying to tack - I could be wrong, and while I love catamarans, I still think the tri might be the way to go if getting caught in a tacking duel on a closed course.

If the cat was narrower than it is, I might not be quite so sure, and in the end, I hope it is decided (whichever way) on the water at the finish line. Hopefully they will stay in one piece for the event. Hate to see one of these break and have to forfeit the remainder of races.

Thanks again, Dick

oracle reminds me of a klingon bird of prey…

nice looking ships…

Ahhhh - there is a job I would NOT want - bowman !

Holy Cow that thing is huge. Courtesy of SAILING ANARCHY web.

Those bows look so much like an A Class cat! It looks great on smooth water, flying the hull in 6 kts. Lets see how it does in ocean swell and chop. BOR 90 was doing some pitching in the swell off San Diego, looking at the photos at

Klingon Bird-of-Prey is a good description!

Hew -

just finished “monkeying around” with photos of side view of both the A2 and the FLYER brand of A Class cats. Used a side view and enlarged to the 65cm (25-1/2 inch) length for the new 65M Class multihulls. I will use the profile side view for the hull, and make them wide enough for a GWS-1T drum servo on one side with receiver - and the rudder servo and battery back in the opposite hull (at least for right now - subject to change). Shape will probably be eye-balled for first effort.

Unlike the other tirmaran 65M multihulls, I probably will stay with a uni-rig (main only) like an A Class boat and perhaps go with just a slightly taller rig.

I know I’ll be giving away a bit of sail area, but can always fashion a swing rig or sloop rig for really light air if I must. I will place all radio gear aft to simulate a skipper on the wire near the stern. With a bow-up attitude, it may also keep from stuffing the nose in waves.

Hopefully will kind of look like this…

Hi Dick!
sorry, but I´m afraid that one wouldn´t fit my garage! ggg

65 cm for a model of this beast is simply too small - I would opt for 2M class at least. Otherwise there is no chance to really “copy” those beautiful lines.

Did you see this link?

82 detailed pics more!

And here´s a first video:

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Hi Guys -

try this URL for a video of Alingi sailing.

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