The Move.. Issues

Please post any issues that you notice since the move below so that I can work on fixing them.

Currently I know

my smilies have to be rebuilt and the images are having difficulty uploading.

Having difficulties uploading photos Chad.
Well done on the move mate, it will be much better.
Thank you so much for all your work.
I really enjoy the forum.

Pictures should work now.

Nope, nice try - had to use URL with image posted at Imageshack. Got error message - “files did not download” (see below) - when I tried to use attachments.

Upload ErrorssmMast.jpg:
Upload of file failed.

It’s a 2 inch by 3 inch size file with 96 dpi resolution !


I can’t save an avatar. The file in question is 80 pix x 76 pix and just a few Kb. I’ve tried jpg and gif.

Don’t know whether it’s a move issue or a UI issue. (UI = “User Incompetence”).


Muzza - that’s cause “porn” isn’t allowed !

Ha Ha Ha ! - just jokin’ with ya, of course

Found out that it is an issue with one of the parameter set on the servers php.ini file. I will ask them later tonight to see if I can change this. If I can’t I will just have to move all the images back into the database.

I will see what I can do tonight after work.

Moved them back to the database.