The line has been crossed

I am formally going on record:

In spite of the promise to end direct emails to persons using this forum, Mr. Lord has found it necessary to again ignore his promise, and the rules of this forum to end such email messages.

This afternoon, I received an email message from Mr. Lord at my office. It was unsolicted and unwanted. I am considering this email as a violation of the terms of service of this site and forum, and should any additional emails arrive from Mr. Lord to me personally, I will proceed to file a formal complaint to both his ISP provider for allowing this harrassment, and also to the ISP provider of this forum for allowing the forum email to be used in this threatning and harrassing manner.

The line has been crossed and Mr. Lord made his major mistake in sending me that email via the forum after being told to discontinue those types of emails.

Chad Edwards has also been n<s><font color=“red”>e</font id=“red”></s>otified of this breach in the Terms Of Service of this site - for yet another time.

<font size=“1”><u>reference:</u> Rules of the Forum Posted 3/23/04 at 11:18 PM

<u>Level 3 or Level 2</u> (depending severity):
<u>Private Messaging Abuse:</u> Threatening, Spamming, otherwise offensive use of our PM service.

<u>Warning Method:</u>
Level Three:
Banned from site for either certian or uncertain amount of time
Handle/Username erased
[li]Topics erased or Banned </font id=“size1”>
<font color=“orange”><font size=“1”><u>EDIT:</u> “Bumped - 08/11/2004 11:47 AM CDST”</font id=“size1”></font id=“orange”>

good bye doug

One very, very sick man.

yup i agree

So let me get this straight… Someone who is banned from this site still has to follow the rules of this site? Somehow, I thought the rules only applied to members of this forum and it seems like once you are banned, you are no longer a member. Maybe I am wrong.

And his punishment would be… Banning him again? Isn’t that sort of like executing a dead man?

Well, I certainly hope that whatever he said in that email was truely offensive and threatening. It must have much more offensive and threatening than the stuff that Dick wrote in his unwelcome visitor thread that has since been deleted.

Robert Fulgrum was right: Everything we ever needed to know we learned ion kindergarten. It’s sad that some of us never learned how to play nicely and insist on name calling even when the kid who kicked sand in our face has been sent to detention…

Will Gorgen

I feel sorry for Doug Lord. But as Cougar stated: “We have lost several valuable members”. This is a strong argument. In Swedish we have a saying “Det ar OK sa lange man inte gor inte vald p? nagan annans natur.” Translated: “You can go so far you want in your doings, as long as you don’t harm the personality of anyone else.” I am not sure Doug has passed that line. Still, we must have valuable members…


ok people
this will be the end of this.
i dont care who it is or what they have done. NOBODY sends eamil to members calling with offensive matter. i am sorry if doug lord surporters get offended by this. but that is the way it is. a 2 wek bann was the first step. regarding kindergarden if a kid kick sand in my face i kicked him back and we both got sent to the office. the difference was when i got out. i learn not to kick anymore. the oether boy grew up to be a moron. and still kept kicking sand. i have a copy of the email. and so does chad. it is realy sad to think of a bully running a business. but then i think about all the offers. poeple aying to doug they will buy tickets and pay for lodging just to see his product. and for him to turn that down? maybe microsail does not exist. or the product is bad. i am not saying that i am right or wrong but here is a bully trying to run a forum that is not his own. and that person is kicking sand in the face of a AMYA director.
I will say this. and i will talked to the other mods. if we agree. everytime we see a lordsail post we delete. and maybe he will get the message. we dont wnat to hear him anymore
long live the cup and cris dickson

>>Banning him again? Isn’t that sort of like executing a dead man?

Yeah, but dead men can’t type. Hmmm… sounds like a bad movie title.