The B-word

Very seldom, while reading a thread, I see Banned under a username. I understand what it means but, and without naming names, what type of behavior leads to this?

Maybe this is placed in the wrong topic… but its at the bottom of the forum page, kinda out of the way. I didn’t want it in General Discussion since its basically a silly question.


from what i’ve seen, if you flame, or harrass anyone with personal attacks, then the banning will follow.

use this forum to pool, and gain knowledge about boats , and you should be ok.:smiley:

…and to reach the immortal level of being banned, you usually have to really press the point… as in warned, re-warned, advised, cautioned, probation, and finally 3 strikes and you are OUT. Of course, if you really wanted to push the envelope you could probably achieve it faster… but the point being common sense or more importantly… common courtesy is all anyone expects. Dissagree all you care to, but decorum at all times.