This is just a test

What are you getting at, club Store?

LOL… No I am having a module developed that will allow users to input a summary of an article in after the thread has been started in order to let people breifly see what the thread was about without having to go through the entire thread. Or a place to store misc. facts about the threads. I already have a store ready to go I am just tweaking it some and working on fixing the webpage first. I posted the image because I needed to show the programmers who are building the module an example of what it should be like but I was at work and could not email them the picture so I posted it here instead.


Usually, most systems have a feature where you can point to a topic name, and you get a popup tip that has a phrase, or the first sentence of the initial post.

Systems like the one in use here you mean?:slight_smile:

ps why do threads marked ‘testing’ get so many looks and replies?