Test Tank

Had a great convesation with Hal Robinson this morning regarding his canting mast US One Meter and he told me about a test tank he has built. He specifically gave me permission to post these few details. He is willing to discuss it with anyone so if interesed e-mail me and I’ll give you his phone number. He does not have internet accress…
The tank is some form of lobster tank cut in half with an “island” in the middle which water flows aroud. The insde corners of the tank are rounded as is the island. He uses a canoe type electric motor with variable speed to energize the flow and two SS screens to “smooth out” the flow. He added a glass window to the side of the tank.
To help visualize the flow he uses a light out of a copying machine that creates a sort of curtain of light parallel to the flow and adds very small aluminum flakes that he thinks work better than micro glass beads.He is working now on adding an extremely accurate speedometer to measure the speed of the flow…
Very interesting!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Next time you should ask him about the drop tank for keel bulbs with stobe light.
Neat stuff, but maybee to much information to process and work on.