Test out the new Beta Forum

Have a look at the upcoming http://rcsailing.net/forum
This be replacing our outdated forums we are using today.

If there are no major issues I would like to fully switch over tomorrow

It formats very well on the Phone.

can user customize the colors. reading grey text on black background is pretty tiring…

I’m getting an invalid/incorrect password error when trying to sign in. Says my name is already in use too


A post references an attachment by number. Clicking on that “link” results in an error notice that there is no such link/number and the requested attachment could not be found.

Chad - don’t be too quick. After resetting my password (see above post) I get an error message trying to access the forums. Need some instructions on making changes, finding spammers, etc. before going live.


Last bar at the bottom. Style chooser. looks like 2 choices.

Same opinion as marcsmith
Grey on black not good.
Background too dark .
Black text on white is the best.
Best contrast with complementary colors, like : Black on White, Blue on Yellow, etc

claudio, as craig mentions. you can change the color to black text on white background… looks pretty good…

Hi Marc,
found and acceptable ! but checking one of my treads no images visible, probably because is a beta version. Hope is that !

Noted on the color scheme… Moved back to a more white.
Pulled over the images from the databases. I checked a few old and few new posts and they seem to contain the proper images.
Let me know if you are still missing pictures in your posts.

Mods please let me know if you are not able to login or get to the moderation panels.
(top left)

I also brought in Resources add on which I would like to use in order to highlight design plans and builds.
This will probably be a little further down the road. The other area I am working on trying to migrate will be the articles.
(Probably try to move those to the resources)

Thank you all again for the feedback. I am still working on getting us switched over as soon as we can.
It is very time consuming trying to sync the forums up.

Chad - don’t see any Mod panels on upper left.

Also still got an invalid password trying to log in on the new site.


do you have any good reasons to change all that ? Before was not perfect but I could deal with.
Actually my test is underlined in red and cliking over a word it suggest to verify the language, by default ‘Français’. If I want to change language is getting complicate.
Who ask for ?
Bit messy !!!
I checked my last tread, only first post visible, the images are there !

Hi, Chad,
What’s the status? Is everything switched over now?
I fear, the images are still missing and there is hardly any activity on both sides. May be others are similarly confused as I am …

I don’t care about the colours. I’m just glad to have a place to discuss the hobby/sport.

TomoHawk -
unfortunately (or fortunately) the forum goes back to 2004 or so, and a lot of information contained in attached photos will be missing if it can’t be migrated. Often the photos clarified the text during an answer or building tip but colors of the forum are a personal “feeling”