Tell me about IOMs

My local club has been talking about starting an IOM fleet. We currently rac US One Meters, Soling One Meters, ODOMs and Santa Barbaras. Since this is Southern California the average wind in the Lake we use is about 5 knots, highs usually about 8 to 10, early races soetimes less than 5.

A few members were at the San Diego Regatta last weekend and they are really up for the IOMs.

Tell me a little about the IOM class and current popular boats. We only have two here now and both are Venoms (?).

So what is the hot light air boat I should look for?

Standing next to a soap box. . .

be careful mixing US one meters and IOM’s in the same club. One may end up canibalizing the other. . . and when people already have $$$ invested in good US one meters, it can sometimes become a bone of contention.

You should make sure your club knows if they will race together, race seperately, race together but score seperately. . . you get the picture.

As for good light air designs. . . hmmmmmmmmmm. . … I think Greg V (if he is around) could answer that MUCH better than I. . . . I believe he has a Mist that does quite well in light air, and still is a preformer in heavy. . . but then again, that might just be because Greg is at the controls! The fact of the matter, is that in the IOM’s. . . they are all quite competative in most wind conditions. The rule keeps them all close enough that a well built, well maintained, well tuned boat, of just about any design can be tough to beat.

just my 2 cents. . . I hope Greg posts here as well as I will love to hear his commentary.



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