Technology or what?

May I suggest you go to :-

go to Reports and stories…‘Challenge’


A rather neat idea in pulling together law enforcement officers who enjoy sailing as a “team” sport. I had often thought of “corporate” team racing over here, but the issue was getting available boats and locations. Often thought of General Motors, versus Ford versus Chrysler, with a specific number of women/men ratio back when I lived in Michigan. Turn them loose in a fleet racing situation (or team with two boats per team). Unfortunately, we couldn’t secure enough similar boats - or interest at the time. It seems if you stayed with the same basic “business” there is an opportunity to develop some really keen rivalries over the years.

On the subject of the “Challenge” and “Blue Arrow” team you referenced, I’m not sure about others, but take the boat Radical, add a couple of small floats to provide stability in light winds without a moving crew, scale down to r/c size, and it “strangely” resembles someone’s trimaran equipped with foils. Since no one is on board, take someone else’s idea about a wand controlled foil adjustment system and … oh my goodness … ! Do you suppose that someone would …? Naw - Never! [:-ashamed]


Do I suspect…someone being, er, foiled?! [:-angel]