Team Scoring-whats the fairest system?


Excuse me if you see this somewhere else on the forum. I posted it last week on Local Pub but it didn’t come up. So here goes again.

I’m endevouring to start an Inter-Club IOM Series here in SE Queensland. It operates like this; All participating clubs run one, one day regatta each year. Teams from each participating club enter all regattas. The only stipulation is that each club must enter a minimum number of 4 competitors to compete. This is to stop a ‘hot-shot’ turning up -winning all races and winning the day and the series.

The point scoring system I currently have is that whichever club has the least number of entries on a day sets the par for that day. E.G. Team of six from club “A”, team of seven from Club “B”, team of five from Club “C”. Five is the par score so every competing clubs top five scores count. However where this system fails is that for those others who made the effort to attend their scores don’t count. So to ensure that;
1/. those clubs that make the effort are rewarded
2/. those clubs who through no fault of their own are not disadvantaged
How do I set up a scoring system that has everyone scores contributes to but still allows those with a lessor number still be competitive?

The object is to decide the top IOM club in SE Queensland.

In case you were wondering the reason for the whole concept is that there are plenty of regattas for individuals, but none for club sailors who may have no chance of winning a championship,but by being part of a team get to compete and contribute to their team winning.

Loking forward to hearing all input. If a system can be found it may open up a completely new way of running regattas. (Not like the current ngative rule oriented team sailing).

Thanks for reading this

Tony Fannin

i have only been to a reggata were there was "team " racing. it was fun and alwasy wanted to do it again. what they did was put all the skippers name into one hat. and pulled the teams. there was 4 pools. all racing at the same time. the regular scoring was in place . ie( first =1 piont, 2nd = 2 piont. ect)
what became of it was that most of the top end skippers. still won each race, but after about 3 races those skippers came over to give thier opinion about the other boats. it got on some people nerves. but most welcomed it. it was a fun day. and as for getting the teams. pulling their names from a hat. makes for no strong teams. it could happend, but it did not that day. maybe that can help

The concept of team racing sounds great for those areas and classes which have sufficient populations to support it within reasonable driving distances.

How about a simple numerical average within a team (add up finishing scores and divide by number of members) ? Of course, to encourage more participation, i.e. larger teams, a bonus point could be added to the team total for each sailor above the lowest team size.

Example: 3 teams of 4, 6, and 7 sailors. A (4 boats) scores (typical heat): 3, 5, 15, 16 B (6 boats=2 bonus) : 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 14 and C (the big club with 7 guys, and 3 bonus points): 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 17

Using the average + bonus idea, the score for this heat is:
A: 9.75 (39/4) B: 8.83 (53/6) c: 9.42 (66/7)

Pretty close racing, and if a couple of boats swap places in the next heat, even closer. Note: The bonus points make a difference, and would encourage bringing along even your slower buddies; not only will they enjoy the trip and the camaraderie, but they’re good for an extra point each heat no matter what.

I have no idea if it has been done in this form, but it looks good ‘on paper’

i am still working on a handicapp system were the first 3 races are not handicapped. then the last 4 are . say you win the first 3. by ave of 30 sec. then the next 4 you would have to apply that to each race. the handicapp is not considerd in the piont. and that is what wins the reggata. say you sail like you did in the middle. then all of a sudden you have a shot at first. and 1 piont . but not the 5 point
and if you finished last the first 3 races. you would have a shot at 1 piont races
but so far . having problem with the math. the team thing is the way to go

A system we have used for years in a tri-series between three clubs is high points scoring at the end of the days racing.

The easy way is normal low points scoring i.e 1st = 1 and so with a dnf or dns being fleet + 1.

At end of day we add totals to find winner. That winner is then awarded high points for the leg of the series for his club i.e if there are 10 boats at that event he gets 10 for THE CLUB and so on down till 10th gets 1 point for HIS CLUB.

For argumenst sake lets say there are 4 changes in the skippers for the next leg of the evtn, same story - low points for the individual glory then again the high points kisks in for the CLUB points.

This means it doesn’t matter if your club doesn’t have the same people at each leg of the series as long as you get some boats out there. We don’t allow for minimum entries from each club, just get as many as possible! The club with the most boats does not necessarily win the over all event.

Hope this helps

Thanks guys. I beleive we’re onto a couple of systems that will work. ec12nz it’s good to hear you have a system thats been used and looks to be not to difficult to manage. I really appreciate the input.