Team Scoring-whats the fairest system?


Excuse me if you see this somewhere else on the forum. I posted it last week on Local Pub but it didn’t come up. So here goes again.

I’m endevouring to start an Inter-Club IOM Series here in SE Queensland. It operates like this; All participating clubs run one, one day regatta each year. Teams from each participating club enter all regattas. The only stipulation is that each club must enter a minimum number of 4 competitors to compete. This is to stop a ‘hot-shot’ turning up -winning all races and winning the day and the series.

The point scoring system I currently have is that whichever club has the least number of entries on a day sets the par for that day. E.G. Team of six from club “A”, team of seven from Club “B”, team of five from Club “C”. Five is the par score so every competing clubs top five scores count. However where this system fails is that for those others who made the effort to attend their scores don’t count. So to ensure that;
1/. those clubs that make the effort are rewarded
2/. those clubs who through no fault of their own are not disadvantaged
How do I set up a scoring system that has everyone scores contributes to but still allows those with a lessor number still be competitive?

The object is to decide the top IOM club in SE Queensland.

In case you were wondering the reason for the whole concept is that there are plenty of regattas for individuals, but none for club sailors who may have no chance of winning a championship,but by being part of a team get to compete and contribute to their team winning.

Loking forward to hearing all input. If a system can be found it may open up a completely new way of running regattas. (Not like the current ngative rule oriented team sailing).

Thanks for reading this

Tony Fannin