Tamiya Round The World Or Seawind ???

tamiya 40ex really dispointed me, she cannot performed as aspected. Looking for upgrading, which is the best, tamiya round the world or seawind? Please help me before i sink[:-batman]


how are your conditions?

light to medium----------> Seawind

upper medium to strong—> Tamiya

But thats without making some changes on the Seawind…[:-angel]

I also think the Seawind is cheaper, depends where you live I guess.

Wait to see what other people will say!


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


Hmmm…Considering that I have never sailed a Tamiya boat before, my very biased opinion would be to get a SeaWind.[:D]

Honestly, I am very happy with the SeaWind. This is a growing one design AMYA class here in the United States with 86 boats registered with the USSCOA in under two years. This class is truly international as well, with many clubs racing the SeaWind. And at least one boat in Japan… [}}:-|>>]

Low Cost
One Design
Competitive right out of the box.
Easy to build
Sails very nice with few modifications.
Very durable hull.

Stock sails and rudder can be overpowered in winds above 20 mph.
Requires hatch modification (waterproofing) for sailing in higher winds.

Check this site: http://www.seawindrc.com/default.asp

Also check out the latest newsletter:

Seawind #80

if you ask me.
i would look at my conditions and buy the seawind. what tom said was correct you have to do alittle modifactions to the kit. but it works realy good. i have 2 IOMs and a couple of us 1 meters. but i do like the seawind. it is easy to set up and when dialed in cane be real fast. you have to talk to people. If tom willaims or wis, did not help me. i would have had some problems. but with thier help i was able to aviod them. my seawind is fast. i have had a tamiya kit before. and did not like it that much.
good luck
i hope you have fun
long live the cup and cris dickson