Taking my sailing passion to RC sailboats in Alondra Park

Hi all,

Passed my local urban lake in Alondra Park while walking my son in the stroller today, saw an RC guy with some power boats and shazam, it hit me: this is a perfect location for some outstanding RC sailing. With two small kids, finding the time to get into a full-scale boat is out of the question, as is pursing most of my other hobbies from my single days, but RC sailing is great subsitute. I tried RC sailing in NYC’s Central Park several years ago and loved how my Hobie 16, Holder and dingy experience carried over. This will be great fun.

If you sail at this lake, please drop me a line. I am looking at the Nirvana II as a starter boat. Any comments on that idea and a tips on where to buy it will be appreciated.


Might want to take a look at this thread - different RC Forum.


Good luck, Dick

You might want to check out what class boats are sailed nearby. Club racing is great but having a little rivalry with another club within driving distance is added fun.



Good ideas, thanks.