Switching To vBulletin, When?

Well here it is.
vBulletin is currently at http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/

I feel it is a lot easier to use and keep up to date. But it currently does not have a gallery for your picture yet.

The switch over should only take about an hour. I have already switched over many of the postings along with users. So if you do check it out try logging in.

Just to let you all know I have now updated all your usernames over to the new board and turned them on so you can see how it looks. Be warned though that anything you post over there at the moment may be erased when I re-import this temporary board into it.

Just to let everybody know that either thursday or friday I will switch to the new board. Some things that I may have some problems with are attachements. I will try to make sure I grab the files and move them to the new attachements folder.


What is going to happen with sailingfreak? It seems not many ppl are using it…shutting it down?
How about the sailingpedia (or whatever the name)?


sailingfreak.com will still be there, and the wiki will also be staying, when I get a chance I plan on putting some work into it.