Swing rig

Has anyone ever thought or tried building a footy with swing rig where the mast is right on top of a servo?

Not a good idea - you then have to positively tack the boat using the servo. Quite apart from the serious hassle/coordination problems, I suspect that the servo may not keep up with the rate of rotation of the boat. Footys are not the fastest boats across the ground, but in time to do a 360 they beat all records.

Hi Angus

What iare rhe options for controlling swing rigs and what is the most popular or preferred?

Any links to photos appreciated.

ffastffrank - The information that you are looking for has been covered in previous threads. I don’t want to discourage new comers from asking questions, but I would like to ask you new guys to do your homework, because a lot of these questions have been covered and debated already. I, and many others try to be of help, but asking us to respond to redundant inquiries whose answers are available with a little surfing on this site is inconsiderate. Look through the threads and if something that has been debated before is still not clear then at least you can ask a pointed and more informed question.