Swing Rig 36/600

I have been asked to help a friend re rig an existing 36/600 with a swing rig. Does any one know of a suiable design. I can adapt the boat and make the rig and sails but do not have the design skills to design the sail plan for a swing rig.



Hi Kiff
I think the best way is to get in touch with AMYA class segretary. http://www.modelyacht.org/index.php or here http://www.modelyacht.org/size.html
I went anyhow on the AMYA web and found this picture. I scaled it to obtain the 36" Hull lenght.
Automatically I got the various dimensions on the Rig. The pink triangle are the basic shapes of each sail for a Classic RIG. A short calculation show more than 740sq.inches instead of 600. Apparently is a modified model !!!
For the Swing Rig, you need to arrange the proportions of the sail’s surfaces as such that the Jib shall not have a surface above 26% of the Main to obtain a regular functioning. According to this picture the jib is around 44%
According to the Rules reported on AMYA, the roach are limited to 2 1/2 inches
The mast bent show a 0.5"
With that, I think, you have sufficient informations to build a rig

All above is extracted from the picture, therefore one could take this informations as indicatives.


Hi Claudio
Thanks very much for the info. It is realy usefull.



A word of warning: I think swing rigs, to work properly (weathervane), need a somewhat smaller jib than the “conventional” rigged boats.

RE: Sail area ----- while the class is called 600 (600 sq. inches) tthe class measures the triangle of the sails - and as I recall, it allows up to 2 inches for roach (trailing edge) of sail beyond the basic triangle.

This is why it probably measured bigger on Claudio’s scaled efforts from the photo.

…the somewhat smaller jib…

the matter of facts the jib surface should be a maximum of 26% of the Main as already written in my reply above.


Sorry Claudio, I didn’t read your reply well enough.:blush:


Hi John Thanks for all your help and Peter is bring the hull up tomorrow morning,hope youi do not mind me joining ? cu later Terry

Hi names Terry [Plymouth u k]
I am in the midst of changing from a normal rig to a Swing Rig on my 36/600 yacht will the mast position be the same or is there a way of finding the correct position for a Swing Rig Any help much appreciated Regards Terry