Swing Rif dor a Footy

I’m building a Footy!

The design is a secret (for now). I was thinking about laying the sail arm servo flat with the arm pointing up. There might even be room to hide the winch or arm under a doll :smiley:

But for simplicity(?) how would you rig a swing rig? I saw a photo of a swing-type rig (in the NOV05.pdf update document) with just the main boom, and not the other swinging booms. Would that work? Only one sheet would be needed.


[The design is a secret (for now).]

That’s got me smiling.:wink:

In my mind I’ve got got this image of a top secret Footy development base. Highly sensitive and expensive Footy tank tests. A skirt around the Footy top secret keel. Perhaps a cloaking device to hide the top secret vertical sheet arm arrangement!

Just kidding Tomo - the idea just got me smiling - that’s all.

Brett’s rig for the Footy isn’t actually a swing rig. It’s a stayless rig designed to drop in easily and completely independently of the rest of the boat. The jib club is fixed to a rigid boom coming forward from the mast, rather than to the foredeck. Is that what you are refering in your post? I’m sure Brett will comment - but the idea is great - to go sailing you just plug in and play.

I really must get around to building one of these things.

“SKUNK WORKS” in operation as we speak - errr - write.

A high performance FOOTY with a design based on a s:tapedshut :censored:
that is under current development and testing.


You could also make a standing lug sail with a rotating mast that would be even simpler to make and work almost as well. That way you could reef the sail down to a thin full length batten. It would only be airodynamic on one of the tacks


Sorry about the typos in the Topic name- my findgers det cobd down here in the basedmengt. :wink:

Yeah, I’d like to know more about Brett’s rig. It seems like the perfect match for a boat that fits on the front seat of the car (or in your pocket?)

I’ve seen boat designs like mine (hint, hint) that use gaff-rigs, but that seems complicated even for this little bugger.

Hey Muzza…somebody already leaked photos a while back of my top-secret testing tank when I was checking the displacement of Razor. By now it’s probably been copied by all those big-buck Footy corporate consortiums we compete against…


Actually, for what its worth (Which may not be much), a Standing Lug sail is about the simplest rig for a model there is. Its just a rectangular sail with about the same percentage of area foward of the mast as a conventional swing rig, but with one sail instead of two. IT has a yard on the top, and a boom on the bottom. (stop reading if You probably already know this) Just a mast and two other sticks. The mast rotates just like a swing rig. She goes a little better on one tack than the other, but you could make that the Starboard tack.

The real standing lug sails had complicated sheets and you had to lower the sail each time you tacked in open water.

Then you have your dipping lug sail which is sortof a cross between a gaff and a standing. (I think)

Love the subject heading


Well, since my footy is similar to a D4 sailing dinghy, I will probably have to put on a gaff-rigged lug sail, or a lateen sail. Maybe I could build a BobAbout or something like Mr. Alford’s design.

I like Dick’s reference to “Skunk Works”. For those not following Dick’s little in-joke, Skunk Works was the name of Lockheed’s top-secret development team that was responsible for, amongst others, the the U2 and SR71 (Blackbird) spyplanes.

Skunk Works is also a good name to hide your failed attempt ibecause the idea “stunk.” :wink:

Hmmmm - seeing as how someone out there has named their boat design “RAZOR”, perhaps mine will go by the title “AftR-SHAV” :wink: Ho Ho !