Swan hormones

Anyone know of a good ay to pursuade amorous swans that they’d really prfer life at the other end of the pool?

Desperately looking for answers: the NZ Postal Classic may depend on it!

Swans are vegetarians aren’t they ? Could you seed the other end of the pond with tasty swan food, fresh cut pond weed or a bit of lettuce for a treat. Watch out though or the queen will be after you for molesting her royal wildfowl !

disclaimer, i love all animals, and wish none any harm.

but one could use some of these:


How accustomed are the swans to model yachts? The geese at our regular lake will come pretty close (3 m) to the EC12s. So far none has tried to assault a Footy. At another small lake, the geese all took off when I put a Victoria in the water. Maybe someone could patrol with a larger class during your race.

try dogs mate – a retreiver, tennis ball and kid with a strong arm between heats – ooooorrr, teach a terrier to swim and bring the bird home plucked and call it a goose :scared:

mmmmmmm…Christmas swan