SW ReadySet, tips for effective keel fin installation?

Dear SW skippers, has anyone found an effective process for fitting the SW ReadySet (SWRS) keel fin? How does one effectively remove the production excess in order to get a proper fit? I bought my SWRS 18 months ago and has not been assembled for many reasons… mostly personal/time related. The other being what I see as an unfortunate or short-sighted decision by Kyosho to produce an integral part (the keel fin) with a sub standard product.
I would appreciate any advice from the our SWRS skippers who have suggestions. Many thanks! Thomas

See the thread below on SeaWind Readyset Feedback.

Thanks Alan. I appreciate your efforts to help. I’m looking for more recent experience from skippers… with specific tips. I’m unsure what you’re referring to when stating “see below” which does not include relevant information. Peace always, Thomas