Suydam RG 65 Blue Splash

Fiberglass hull, deck, and bulb made by Eric Rosenbaum. Sails by Rod Carr. GWS servos. MM gooseneck. Goodwinds pultruded carbon spares. 1030 grams.

Nice one Rob! Have you sailed her yet? I guess you might have trouble finding open water huh?

Weight is spot on…


Well done! I look forward to seeing it on the water.

Thanks. Hope to sail it this weekend. Temps will be in the upper 50s and the ice melted off a few weeks ago.

Looks like you got to sail it! Looks great. Can you tell a difference between this one and the Viperfish? I am guessing you can…:stuck_out_tongue:


No, I can’t. Can you road trip over and help me race the two against each other?!