summer shots

Here are a couple of album links. The first one shows some July 4 shots of the Viper 10-rater in the pond at Central Park. The other album, which is just an incidental link, shows a collection of bright red Schneider Cup racers. I shot it at Lake Bracciano a couple of weeks ago. It is not about sailboats, but it is about wind and water and extreme racing, so herewith. They do race sailboats on Lake Bracciano, but I am not sure if they have any r/c racing activity.

Best, Michael

I should add that if you click on these photos, they pop big. If you click again, they get really big, and then collapse. Odd system. mcg.

Wow great photos of the 10rater!!!

And yeah your right they pop up very big , good for me old eyes , makes it easy to see the details.