summer holiday over...back to the real world

Just thought I would would say that I am back on deck after my summer break.
14 days cruising in our little yacht is good for the soul.
good to see the Footy is very much alive and well…this will be a defining year for the class.
happy new year to all my r/c mates.

rough life brett, rough life…:sly:

yes,but someone has to do it:)

Welcome back Brett and a Happy New Year to you and your’s :slight_smile:
So you had a great time, any interesting adventures??


Graham, you should know that Brett does not have interesting adventures: he makes prudent, seamanlike decisions!

All very boring…no anchors dragging in the middle of the night…thats always good. No rough nights really. one pretty windy day but nothing we can’t handle.
mission of the holiday was teaching my 11 year old the finer points of sailing.
That went well,the opti was used daily…even by Dad:) and 11 year old took the chance to helm the mother ship whenever he could.
All in all a great time and very relaxing.